Wednesday, September 3, 2008

85 Bouncing Birthday

We had a busy birthday party schedule last week. Wednesday was Katie's best friend Mia's birthday party. They were SO excited that they were going to Bouncz!! They planned their route all week. The big draw was the "maze" that they were going to do first. Then they wanted to "slide down the boat" (the boat is the Titanic, stern in the air). After that it was a free for all. Katie had a blast chasing Mr. Chris around in the bouncey room. Connor wanted so badly to join in the fun, and if we would not let him do that, then he wanted to play with the blower/fans. He was disappointed on all points! Katie was not used to having to share Mia with anyone else, but she got over it fairly quickly. It helped that her friend Seyerra was at the party, too. They finally bounced themselves out and we headed in to do pizza, cake, and presents. Of course it was Hannah Montana themed, what else??!! You forget so quickly how squealy a roomful of girls will get!! Those girls were as excited as if the presents were for them. They even shrieked with excitement over the mouthwash that came with Mia's new gumball machine.