Sunday, September 28, 2008

97 Sleepovers and Concerts

I was going to blog last night, but it would have turned into a rant. I was, let's say perturbed. I have been trying to get Katie's room FINALLY straightened up, but Chip is wanting to redo her closet, but wants to wait until his days off to get that going, so we are at a standstill. And while I am cleaning and paring down I want to paint her room, which she wants to be her "Hannah" room. I just want it to be pretty and something she can enjoy when she decides she does not like Hannah anymore, oh yes that day will come. Anyway, her bed was completely covered with stuff that would be staying in the room or had not made it out the door, so when she and her friend wanted to spend the night I told them no because there was no place for them to sleep. Apparently her friend had it set in her head that she was sleeping over because she showed up at my door at dusk with her backpack. Even Katie was a bit shocked. MY DAUGHTER HAD ACTUALLY LISTENED TO ME!!! So, I was shocked. I did not want to deal with little girl tears, so I let her stay. It was not too bad, I shifted the stuff to the floor and made the bed. They got in bed just after nine, so that was good. Three hours later when I heard a thunk and Katie crying because she fell out of bed, not so good, especially since I had just crawled into my own bed. So, I got Katie calmed down and back asleep, then Connor woke up and would not go back down for 2 more hours! He does not often wake up in the middle of the night, but I expected him to sleep until around 10 so I was not too worried about it. THEN I was awoken at 7:50am by the sounds of little girl voices on the BABY MONITOR! They had woken themselves up, left me asleep, then decided it was a good idea to wake Connor up. By the time I got upstairs, Katie was IN his crib and her friend was climbing in, too. Okay, so nbow I think it is pretty funny ... but at the time I was livid! Hopefully they will actually remember the reason they will not be having a sleepover for the next month! And yes, her friend's Mom reads this blog, but I already told her all of this, so it is old news. I just am still a bit miffed and needed to get it out. Shake my fist at the sky and scream. I bring it on myself. Next time we will just have to battle some tears when I send her friends home.
Okay, so it was still a bit of a rant ...
We had talked about taking the girls to Memphis Rock'n'Romp which is a family friendly concert. Basically they get a few kid friendly bands together and set up in a HUGE backyard. I had seen pictures from the last one on a blog I love and it looked like kids and adults were having a blast. Later I learned that they help put the event together. Totally out of my comfort zone to take Katie to something like that, especially when I would be surrounded by strangers, but it looked like that much fun. So, we had tentatively planned to take the girls, but when they started getting snarky with each other we decided they'd had enough together time. Normally at this point I would have just decided to chuck the plans out the window and stay in my nice familiar house. BUT KATIE CRUMPLED! She had been looking forward to going "to a concert"! I can take her tears because they are usually fake, but when she has her heart set on something and it is taken away she falls apart. I am not really giving in, I am just following through on our plans - right!?!? And, as luck would have it the event was taking place just around the corner from another one of her little friends. We never get up to see them, so I sent them a text about it (yeah, still not big on calling). Monica was SICK, so I offered to take October with us and give her some rest time. Katie was over the moon! She was going to see a concert AND October! I think we just beat out that petting zoo! So, we pick her up and get to the Rock'n'Romp. Everything is going smoothly. The backyard is huge, with an awesome swingset to play on. The first band is playing. I thought 'Tober would especially love the music and dancing because her parents are part of the Memphis music scene. The girls were so excited to play together. Then it happened, October started being a little brat. She is pretty shy, so we will chalk it up to being around new kids. She was snatching balls from other kids, trying to make kids give up the swing so she could get on it, and just generally being a poo. Then she started walking away from Katie, telling her she wanted to be "alone." I tried, oh how I tried to get her to shape up, but she would just keep doing the same stuff. I got tired of walking after her telling her that she could not just take a ball out of someone's hands. I was sick of telling her to SHARE THE TOYS THAT ARE NOT EVEN HERS! So, I called Monica and told her I would be bringing her home if things did not change soon. At this point, October was sitting against a tree pouting because I had dared to call her Mom. Then when I told her I would have to take her home, she crumpled (and I obviously can't stand that). I told her we could just start over, wipe the slate clean, and if they could go play nicely and have fun then we could stay. And they did ... until about 15 minutes before it was supposed to be over. Katie came up to tell me that October had poured sand down a little boys shirt. She was a little hellion. I wanted to hand a sign around her neck that said "Not Mine, Borrowed for the Day". I was embarrassed! I was waiting for another parent to come up to me about it. I have a picture of a little girl talking to her Dad and pointing at the play area, and I am a little worried that she was telling him about something October did to her.
Someone needs to remind me to stop punishing myself. I need to take the kids that share my DNA and just leave the others with their own mothers!!
Rock'n'Romp was great though. I stepped even further past my comfort zone and actually introduced myself to the writer's of the blog I have been keeping up with, and they introduced me to all the other Memphis blog writer's I read. Connor had fun crawling around with another little boy, I think his name was Samuel. They shared a ball and a lot of mulch. Katie had a good time, even though SHE was fed up with October's behavior, and even though October would not go dance with her. Next time I will just have to force another family to come along. At least her sleepover buddy would have danced and played!!
Here are some pics from Memphis Rock'n'Romp. I would have taken more if I wasn't on manners patrol.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked to hear that Katie was schocked to see Mia, since she was the one that had said Mia was to spend the night. I heard it and we talked about them spending the night with you on Friday and me on Sat. ...two nights..they were both excited. Moral of the story for me....always check with mom!

CarrieJ said...

they are 6 year olds, they talk t around until they hear what they want. I said they were asking about spending the night, but I said "not at our house, but Mr. Chris needs warning so maybe tomorrow night at Mia's." And then Mia started crying about going to cheerleading, and we said they could play afterwards ... then somehow I ended up with a sleepover. I said we would talk about it, and then when they were down here I told them both that there was no place to sleep. But, they are 6 ... once they wrap their minds around one idea they aren't going to let it go. Also the reason that I went ahead and let them sleepover. I hate dashing their little dreams. It worked out fine, except for waking up Connor... and they BOTH were in on that one :)
Katie loves her Mia time. But as we also saw, two nights in a row would have been a disaster!! Can you imagine how snarky they would have gotten if they had spent ALL that time together. I would have been wishing for October! LOL

Stephanie said...

Glad you came to the RnR! When that many kids are playing together, there's always bad behavior. I doubt October stood out, although I'm sure it was frustrating for you! See you next time!