Thursday, September 4, 2008

86 Birthday Splashdown

Our second (and third) birthday of the week was for Katie's friend Jaclyn and her little brother Chase. We met this family through Katie's Kindergarten class last year (have I ever mentioned how lucky we were with our class!!??) and not only are Katie and Jaclyn friends but I found a friend in her mother. Anyways, Katie was super excited because they had a waterslide set up. You would think that she would be a little leery of waterslides after breaking her arm ... but no! She went right to it. In fact, she did not even go into the house. She went right around the side while I went inside. I barely got through the door before Charity claimed Connor for her own. We sat in the kitchen watching out the window for a while. The slide was not too high, and it was a straight shot, and the walls were thicker. It was probably the best slide imaginable for Katie :) We did have to bring the Mamarazzi outside when we saw the girls sitting at the top of the slide holding hands to slide. TOO CUTE! And of course the boys had to get in on the act, with a little less handholding.

Amazingly there were not any arguments until the party was almost over, and that was just a little one - easily resolved. Chase was in heaven with his Monster Truck themed cake, and he would have been perfectly content with the trucks off the top and no more presents.

Jaclyn had a Hannah Montana cupcake tower.

Yes, that is Katie in the background with a scowl on her face. She probably thought I was taking pictures of her.
All of it was adorable! After cake and ice cream they opened presents. It was a free for all!! Jaclyn dove in while Toya took pictures of her, and Charity and I took charge of Chase's pile and the pictures. He was in HEAVEN, trucks and cars and trains and planes and boats!!

Chase was nice enough to let Connor play with him. Connor thought he was such a BIG boy playing with Chase!

I could see Jaclyn in the background grinning from ear to ear, completely happy with her birthday haul.

Then the kids jumped right back on the slide.

They cooked out burgers and dogs that were delicious, but the best part was the package of onions they threw on the grill. YUM! Definitely going to have to steal that idea the next time we cook out. Great time and a great party!!


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