Tuesday, September 2, 2008

84: When Mama Comes to Town

Okay, that title makes it sound like anything was done differently ... but it was not. I wanted to do something, and we talked about how we should DO something, but nothing ever got done.
Mom got here just in time on Thursday for us to hop in the car to go pick up Katie from school. She was SO excited that her Grammy was coming. When I dropped her off at school the first words out of her mouth to the teacher that opened her door were "MY GRAMMY'S COMING TODAY!!!" And really, every moment since we told her that Grammy was coming, the phrase "GRAMMY IS COMING" was on repeat. She gave Grammy the BIGGEST TIGHTEST hug ever! And then we went home and Katie wanted to get in the pool. Most of the long (and VERY HOT) weekend was spent in that pool, of course.
And of course Katie had to show off her newly acquired swimming skills And a little "look how much I love my brother" showing off as well.

Grammy did convince Katie to arm wrestle her for a little physical therapy ... Shhhh, I think Grammy let her win!

Friday we did have Mother's Breakfast with Katie and Grammy got to come, too.

Poor pitiful experience that it was, the breakfast - not the time with Katie. The school had "cutbacks" and the offerings were slim, not that we expected a gourmet meal, but it really was a sad little food line. And they even ran out of juice, so we made use of the water fountain. Oh well, we were able to spend time with Katie and that is ALL that matters. Then she tried to beg me to take her home ... nice try little girl, a little bit early for a checkout! And Grammy was able to go to cheerleader practice, but with Katie's arm still recovering it is a bit dismal. There is just so much that she can't do yet.

That pretty much concludes any actual "doing" that was done. The rest of the time was spent sipping coffee or watching Katie swim (did I mention it was really really hot). It was just nice to have my Mommy here. I don't mind sitting around with a cup of coffee, but I just feel bad that we did not DO something when she drove all the way out here. Heck, we did not even hit a junk store .... although we did hit an Old Time Pottery, that kind of qualifies :)