Monday, October 6, 2008

100 Toofus

CONNOR HAS TEETH!! Well, if you can call two sharp ridges, barely peaking through pink gums, teeth. Sunday he popped out the first one. He was so sweet when he crawled over and bit my thumb. No, really! It was so darn cute. Then he let Katie feel it, but he decided that he'd had enough dirty fingers in his mouth and would not let Daddy near it. Two days later we have the beginning of number two peaking through. Thankfully he has been really good at not nipping while nursing. Chip still thinks I should wean him next week ... notice I did not say that I think I should. Katie just weaned herself and it went so EASY! I have heard horror stories about forced weanings. Fever and mood swings, screaming babies. Not my idea of how I want Connor to celebrate his first birthday.
Connor is also obsessed with CLIMBING! He has climbed up the stairs (with me directly behind him) a couple of times. He will use anything he can to climb onto the furniture. He will roll his toys up close to get a leg up. I can't do the dishes with him nearby because he will invariably climb onto the door. I changed a couple of the lower kitchen cabinets around and he crawled into those! I thought Katie was a little daredevil, but I am finding out that I was sorely mistaken. This boy is going to end up giving me a heartattack!!

He thinks about walking, but not too hard. He will let go of something, then get so tickled that he is standing that he can't go anywhere. He will just smile and smile until his legs get too tired, then he will slowly lower himself to the floor. He can walk pretty fast when you are holding onto one of his hands. Sometimes, when he thinks we are not paying attention I will see him try a few steps, but he refuses to walk to us. He will probably end up chasing after his sister for his first real walk.
Speaking of Katie, HE LOVES THAT GIRL! The look in his eyes when she is playing with him is pure adoration.

He loves everything she does. Well, except when she tries to pick him up and carry him around. He is not so big on the dangle/carry. She acts like she is punching him in the gut, and he LAUGHS SO BIG! She tugs and pulls on him and he just rolls with laughter. I keep reminding her to be gentle, but he just loves it. She leans in for a kiss and he grabs her hair, which he thinks is the funniest thing ever, even if she does not agree. But, my favorite ... he will reach out and hold her hand at the slightest opportunity. Today I was nursing him and she sat down beside us, he reached right over and took her hand. It was as if he had everything he could ever want.
I think one of the reasons I love watching them together so much is because I must have looked at my brothers like that. It is a little glimpse at what my babyhood must have been like with two older brothers. Then they started treating me like a maid/gopher ... then I just looked at them and rolled my eyes. Ahhh, the good ol' days!
As for the rest of the family. We have just been enjoying the semi-warm weather. After the stifling heat of the summer, this last week has been pretty nice. We have headed out to the park a couple of times. It has been cool enough for the kids to run crazy without collapsing, but warm enough that Katie and Mia could have a water balloon fight. That is until today, when it has poured down rain ...
I was rolling through some pictures to post and came across this one taken on Saturday. I think he might have been hiding it from me!
Once again I put off blogging for a few days, and I know there were things I wanted to say ... too bad I can't remember them!! Oh well, can't have been that important!