Thursday, October 30, 2008


Apparently I am "embarrassing" Katie by putting her actual grades on my blog. But here is the way I look at it. You are reading this blog because
A) You know us, and you care about our lives
B) You stumbled in here and may want to hear that other people have problems TOO!
C) You stumbled in here by accident and can't wait to get out
Either way, I am trying to show our REAL life, not just the happy fun times. I wish they all were happy, but that is not reality.
Katie got bad grades.
She needs to work harder at her schoolwork.
The bad grades are as much (or more) of a reflection on me at this point. She is in First Grade. She only learns what she is taught. I have been slack and remiss. I have let her coast through her little page of homework and spend the rest of her time playing. Heck, some of her "play" is writing out her sight words and playing school. It seemed like she GOT all of this. She would breeze through her homework. She sliced and diced up sentences right in front of me. So, it really did come as a complete shock to me that she brought home an F. My first response, to let my feelings explode onto this blog instead of taking it out on her. So, now I am even more of a Mean Mom because I will tell the truth about our problems.
There, maybe I should just change the title to "Dirty Laundry Flapping in the Breeze". Hopefully we encounter no bigger problems than bad grades!


Pam said...

I like that you (and many other bloggers) tell it like it is. It is nice to know that no one is perfect. As a relatively newish Mom I always feel like I am the only one screwing up. It's always nice to know I'm not alone.


CarrieJ said...

NOpe, you are definitely not alone. I think it is important for people to know they are not the first ones to have a kid that is not a genius. Of course my Mom would know nothing about that ... lol

Linda Woods said...

Why NOT tell the truth? True life is way more interesting than fake stories of perfection.
Grades do not indicate genius so I think you don't need to worry too much. The true test is whether or not she is good at baking cookies because that is a skill in life that really matters :). Quick, get out the chocolate chips!!!!