Wednesday, October 29, 2008

108 No, Katie CanNOT Come Out to Play!

Katie is grounded. Why you ask? She just brought home 2 F's and a C! FROM FIRST GRADE! Stuff that we go over at home and when she gets to school she has no idea what she is doing. On one sheet where they were supposed to circle the verb she just circled the last word in every sentence. LAZINESS! She just randomly colored in circles on another sheet. Making sentences like: My friends don't play at (fill in the blank) she put WHAT. or the very worst: The pet is (fill in the blank) she put HELP. Yup, those fill in the blanks were multiple choice!!
She gets herself frustrated and she gives up. I know this is what she does, because she does the same thing at home. Of course, at home I am there to calm her down and work her through it. She is not a dumb child, but she gives up way too quickly. If she sees an easy way out she will take it.
So, until she starts bringing home PASSING GRADES she cannot come out to play. I am sorry if your child likes to play with her, but they have other friends. Until she shows some improvement she is on house arrest.
I am officially the Mean Mom, and I do not like the change in title!