Friday, October 24, 2008

106 Random Blathering

I want to be a cool blogger. I want to be one of those funny bloggers. The ones who are just talking about their regular life, but you are rolling in your chair the whole time. The one's with the kids that aren't perfect, but darn are they funny! Or maybe they don't have funny kids, but they make the best knit /crochet /painting /scrapbooking thing EVER! Either way, you look at their blog and it is like you have known them forever. You become part of their little circle of friends, and boy do you feel lucky to be there. But, sadly for you, I am boring. My kids are incredibly amusing to me, but probably not that exciting to you. I say you, like anyone other than my family and nearest friends read this blog. My husband is not a fabulous artist or musician. He plays computer games, A LOT! And me, right now I am a stay-at-home Mom. I am the worst housekeeper you have ever seen. I want to create art/craft/stuff but I don't have the time. I have a room full of crafty things to play with, but unfortunately it is too full to have room to play. I love taking pictures, as you may have noticed, but my daughter acts like the camera is going to emit laser beams that melt her face. Connor is adorable, but totally unable to sit still for two seconds at a time. He has become mobile and there is no stopping him. In fact, he still has to be swaddled to go to sleep because if you don't he will just walk around his crib screaming until you get him. He does scream when you swaddle him, and he fights it ... but 30 seconds after you leave the room he is sound asleep. Thank goodness, since Katie needs a lot more attention at bedtime. She needs a bedtime story (she usually picks out 3), and she needs to be "tickled" which means you have to rub her back, her legs, her tummy, her feet, and even her armpits. At that point I usually pass out from sheer exhaustion. Then I get to sleep until Connor wakes up hungry. Then I get to come downstairs and spend a few minutes typing nonsense. Hey, how much sense do you make at 4:45 in the morning!