Wednesday, October 22, 2008

105 Punkin

On Sunday we had made some plans to go to a pumpkin patch in Hernando with our buddies. Of course, being us, when the day rolled around those plans were still a bit iffy. Connor decided to finally take a NAP after being napless for a few days. (His top teeth are fighting their way through and he has been restless) Toya had a headache that she hasn't been able to shake for a while, and a little man also needing a nap. Charity had to be there for her Dad's business picnic. As long as I wasn't the only one bailing out I did not feel too bad. Then Toya texted me that they would be there in 30 minutes!! Here comes the guilt :) Not that she was trying to make me feel guilty, I just did. So, Connor woke up and I got Katie down from Mia's and off we went. Oh, did I mention that it is about 3pm and the pumpkin farm closes at 5?
Cedar Hill Farm is a beautiful little spot. But, I am sure everyone has been somewhere similar. In fact, we went to an almost identical place a few years back on a visit to Atlanta. Of course the name escapes me, but I am sure Mom will remind me of it tonight. Anyways, Cedar Hill Farm has a hayride, pony rides, a petting zoo, and a corn maize. Also, they have something called the Pigadega 500 ... yeah, it is what you think, a pig race. It looks like a good place to spend a few hours with the family. However, we got there about an hour before they closed.
There was only ONE HOUR left, and they still felt the need to explain to me the "wristband" option. $20 that gives you unlimited access to just about everything. I had 60 minutes, exactly how much "everything" did they expect me to get to do? We ran through the petting zoo to the Pigadega 500, not because I really wanted to see the pigs run but because Toya and her family were there.

Charity was lost in the Corn Maize at this point. We were going to head out to the pumpkin patch to snap some pics of the kids, but Charity said it was so picked over that it was not worth schlepping our way out there. The kids spotted the Hay Fort and we were done. They played there for the rest of the time. There was a kid sized hay maze. Connor loved the hay!

He loves anything he can tear apart with his hands. We hit the Pumpkin Stand on the way out. They had a bunch of dried gourds in the corner so I plopped Connor down for a picture, too bad it was pitch black! The kids were trying to pick up the biggest pumpkin they could find, but we were able to talk the girls into picking more reasonably sized pumpkins. Katie's weighed in at 6.5 pounds, and it only cost $2. Made me wish I had let her pick a biggun! All she wants is the seeds anyway.
Then she managed to ruin the trip ... again! She wanted to go to the store and get a "treat". How in the world do you ask for a treat for being good on a trip that was in essence a TREAT!! I take you somewhere with your friends. You play. You buy a pumpkin. And you want a reward! Not happening. Not today, not tomorrow ... pretty much not ever. Chip has taught her this idea of "treats". I don't mind buying her stuff, but not as a reward all the time. And, if it is going to be a reward, then it should be a reward for doing something! Wow, you were good for an hour. Yippee! Maybe if she can be good for a month ... or smile and pose for a picture with a big pile of pumpkins. Okay, so that is one thing that really made me mad. She refused to pose with the pumpkins. How hard is it to SMILE? You would have thought that after all these years she would have realized the sure fire way to make Mommy happy. Maybe when she figures that one out things will go a lot smoother. I will definitely have to buy her a treat ;)
It also did not improve the day trying to drive a stroller over all those tree roots. Next time I am bringing Chip, gotta have an extra set of hands!!


Pam said...

We took Carter to a place almost just like this one about two weeks ago. I will send you the link to our pictures, if you are intersted that is.
I think Carter is a lot like Katie, he gets treats for just about everything these days.