Tuesday, October 28, 2008

107 My Hubby Loves Days of Our Lives!

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Mainly in a sarcastic way. If I am watching it when he walks in the room he will bring up one of two things. Marlena being possessed by the Devil where we learn that John was once a priest (how convenient!). Or that he thinks that Stefano is really a Mexican wrestler, a luchador. He hopes one day they will reveal him in his signature mask. Of course the soap opera is outlandish, that is what makes it so fun to watch. I have been watching Days on and off since I was a wee little thing. My grandmother started watching it when it came on, and if I was at her house at 1pm then I too would be watching Days of Our Lives. What better escape from the mundane than to spend an hour in Salem? Well, now that we have the wonderful world of Tivo it is a bit shorter. What I really want is a complete family tree of all of the Days characters. Can you imagine how twisted the branches must be?!?! It amazes me how close these crazy kids get to dating their aunts and uncles. Though technically Stephanie was dating her uncle-by-adoption, Max. But he seems to have a thing for his adopted sibling's kids. And really, how many times have they brought people back from the dead? And how many times can Sammy be placed in the Witness Protection Program? And you have to love how people leave the show, and then once a year they will randomly mention their name. And not to mention that time goes at its own pace. Babies grow to toddlers in the blink of an eye. Somehow Belle and Shawn ended up the same age. Speaking of Belle and Shawn, that is a twisted tree branch! Belle is Marlena and John's daughter. John is the son of Shawn Sr's sister and Stefano's father. Shawn is the son of Bo and Hope. Bo is the son of Caroline and Shawn - but wait, he is illegitimate because surprise, he is really Victor's son. I bet the writer's have to have a huge family tree board to figure out their next move. Ahhh, how I love my Days!!
Oh my, there is a Family Tree, but you have to navigate around it. Very confusing and HILARIOUS! And just reading a few blurbs about the history of the show reveals that the current story line is a bit tame. Wow, who woulda thunk it!?!?


Tracy said...

I too have watched Days since birth. My mom started watching it from the very beginning and we've rarely missed an episode since. Before Tivo, I recorded it daily on my VCR. Bo and Hope's first wedding was on my 10th birthday--I felt very special!! I still Tivo it daily.