Sunday, December 21, 2008

140 Disappearing Act

I was doing pretty good. Blogging along at a normal pace, then the Christmas Crunch came. You know, when you are agonizing over what to get, and did you get enough, and should you buy just one more thing. Katie, fairly easy to buy for. Narrowing down what to buy is the hardest thing. Connor, so very hard. He is 14 months, just at that age where he is between stages of toys. And it does not help that we have a ton of Katie's old toys that are perfectly boy appropriate. Katie loved blocks, and Matchbox cars, and play tool sets. So, we have to get him stuff without duplicating or flooding him. Yeah, I know he does not care about Christmas, and he doesn't get the whole "gift" thing, BUT Katie does! This might be her last year to really believe in Santa and I am not going to ruin it by trying to tell her that Santa knew Connor had too many toys. Santa wouldn't do that!! And I have to remember not to let her see me buy anything that goes in his stocking.

Mom came in town on Sunday. We have done a little shopping, but nothing crazy. Well, tonight/today we did go to Walmart at 1:30 in the morning. We had to wait for Chip to get home to be with the kiddos, and I did not want to go to Walmart during normal people hours. I want to keep SOME of the Christmas Spirit! And I think we are pretty much done. Thank Goodness!!! I hate shopping, and I really hate shopping with 5 million other people. I do have one more gift to buy ...

The camera has not been put to use lately. You would think I would take more pictures while my Mommy is here, but no. I know she hates it, so I try not to go crazy with the camera. Plus, it is my time to relax and enjoy time with my Mom. We will take some pictures. Probably on Christmas, and after. I want to do another "make-up" picture! I love the one of us from a few years ago (March 2006) when Katie did our makeup. She still loves makeup and I have a feeling she will be getting some more to add to her collection on Christmas.

I did get a few pictures when Katie stole the "70's Dress" when I was showing it to Mom. She was stumbling around in it. Falling over the hem, repeatedly. She tried to tell me that I could not take pictures of her! AS IF! I have told her before, if you don't want me to take pictures -then stop being cute! She has yet to stop being adorable, so I get to keep taking pictures!

too bad she was laying on my gnarly floor! Grrr, Construction Grade Carpet!! If you have the chance to upgrade when building, DO IT!! Better yet, go with wood floors!

Its 4:30 in the morning and I am babbling even more than usual ... so I am going to go now. YAY, sleep! Sweet Sleep!