Saturday, December 13, 2008

134 I Felt Like Playing

har har har ...
I decided to try to make some of the felt ornaments tonight. I was making it up as I went, so there was some trial and error. Well, no real errors, just different results (so far). For my first ornament I tried a bell.
Pretty straight forward. I glued the felt to a piece of cardstock. Cut out the pattern, then trimmed away the clapper. I cut and oval and place it behind the first piece. Then I decided I needed to cover both sides (you know, just in case someone was inspecting my tree for inferior ornaments), so I cut another bell shape and glued it to the back of the first. And then I decided that it looked too plain. I had to add something to it, and what better to add than those stereotypical holly leaves and berries. That got glued on there too. I was starting to feel like I should do something that did not require a gluestick.
So I tried something else. I made one of Martha Stewart's stocking ornaments. My stitching is terrible, and the buttons were an afterthought, but Katie thinks it is great. Probably just because it is big enough to put lip gloss into.
And at that point I decided, what the hell, I should just dive right in. I saw a picture of a wreath on Thompson Family Life and decided to freehand a pattern for a bird ornament. I did print out a pattern for a bird, but I wanted on ethat was beyond simple. Then I just cut it with a bit of a seam allowance and sewed it up, just stopping for the stuffing. The first one is pink and blue. The second is a nice dark red.

And of course I could not wait to get them in the tree.

I did try to get a picture of the kidlets for Christmas, but Connor was being a bit of a fuss-bot. Guess I will just have to try again tomorrow. Katie was worn out from school and Connor is growing even MORE teeth, so I should have known it would turn bad FAST!

Oh well, it was almost worth it to see how darn cute they are together!!
And this picture ... how awesome is that??? I think it is adorable!

So, that pretty much covers my crafty day. I would make a tutorial, but if you can't figure out felt ornaments than you probably should not even attempt it. You have to use a sharp pointy needle ... be very careful :)


Tracy said...

You are so crafty! I wish I had that ability. Anna Catherine loves to do artsy things and I am of no help at all. Oh, by the way, Rick's mom bought AC one of those gingerbread house kits and we're going to make it when she comes in town for Christmas. You have prepared me well!