Monday, December 15, 2008

136 Christmas with Friends

Sunday we had a little get together with one of our groups of friends. The B's and the G's. They probably would not care if I use their last names, but I don't like to just throw everyone elses information out like that :) So anyway, we decided to cook a holiday meal and let the kiddos exchange their gifts before the real holiday crush begins. The kids were just excited that they would be allowed to open presents early! Katie talked about it all day, and the day before that, and the day before that. Pretty much from the moment I told her that she would be exchanging presents with Jaclyn, Chase, and Jacob she talked of little else. All day long she asked if it was time to go. Up until the moment we got in the car she was chomping at the bit. Not that her enthusiasm waned at all in the car, she just stopped asking if it was time to go.

What child would not be excited when confronted with this!!We all prepared a part of the meal, but poor Charity bore the brunt of the work since we held the dinner at her house. But, like she said, she has a husband to help her with housework! (Toya and I are thinking about sending our hubbies to Charity's Husband Training Academy) Dinner was delicious! Turkey and dressing, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, and rolls. We even managed to get the kids to eat some of it. Although it was accompanied by a discussion about whether or not Santa is real. They used the "hand raising method" but I was happy to see that no one raised their hands to "Raise your hand if you DON'T believe Santa Claus is real." PHEW! Connor had bites laid out on his tray, and he seemed to be enjoying his meal. The kids opted to wait on dessert so they could get straight to the presents ... big surprise, huh. Most of the presents were a big hit. Jacob loved his Nerf Ball gun, and he started using it immediately. Charity was very thankful for its addition to her house :) I am pretty sure she was saying "thank you thank you thank you" in her head right about now .... or something like that. Jaclyn was disappointed though because Katie got a Hannah Montana Magic 8 Ball. Which was a little funny to me since Katie was a bit disappointed that I had not bought her the same vase painting kit that Jaclyn received. I am sure they will both live. I will probably go back and get Katie the painting kit, and Toya might head back to get another Magic 8 Ball. It is amazing to me that slapping Hannah's face on something makes it the BEST THING EVAH! And Connor, well he just wanted to walk around the house, but we made him open presents anyway. If he knew how to talk, he would NOT have asked for the presents before dessert!! And Chase, he wanted Connor's front-end loader, too. I think he knew that his Daddy was planning on stealing his to play with anyway.We were not supposed to do adult gifts, but I brought Charity and Toya each a felt ornament I had made. Of course that did not come close to the Wii Game that Charity got both of us. Now, I just need to get Chip to hook the Wii back up to the tv!

Mainly, we just had a good time hanging out with each other, watching the kiddos play. We especially enjoyed watching them play with the Sears train that was supposed to be around the tree. It ended up chugging around the room though.

And then there was PIE! Charity made pecan and I made chocolate. I had a little of each. YUM!! Nothing ends a night better than pie! And it makes a pretty good breakfast, too!


Charity said...

Glad you all had a great time. The tree is now gone and life is trying to get back to normal. Whatever that is?