Wednesday, December 17, 2008

138 Pie is Good

Yes, I am still talking about PIE! I really really like PIE! In fact, last night when I was eating PIE I was noticing how beautiful the beads of sugary goodness were on top of the meringue. Yeah, I just had the PIE pan and a fork ... what of it??!! That pie is good. It is the perfect thing to cheer you up or calm you down. Oh, the beauty of PIE! And so you won't think that I have only been thinking of PIE, I will tell you about Connor's new obsession. CLIMBING ON THE COUCH! Oh my goodness does that boy love to climb. The moment you turn your back he vaults up onto the couch. He toddles his way to the arm, and he leans over, and then he begins to jerk any Christmas ornament he can reach off the tree. Thank goodness I have been making a bunch of new soft felt ornaments! You just have to make sure he does not climb over the arm of the couch! YIKES!

I don't remember Katie being this rambunctious! Sure, when she was older she would do rolling leaps off the couch, but at this age I don't think we were constantly worried that she would split her head open. Maybe I have just forgotten ...

So, here are the latest additions to the tree. The ones I have to pick up at least five times a day from the floor.

You know, I think I still have some PIE left in the fridge!


Anonymous said...

Plan on making two more CHOCOLATE PIES when I get there. I love them when they have the little beads of sugar. That means they have had sufficient time to cool in the frig before being eaten...I don't see many pies like that!