Friday, December 12, 2008


I can put it off no longer. The pictures must be done!! Here are a few pics from today, while Katie was at school and I was playing around.

My grandparents gave me this ornament when I was maybe 9. My brother Geof got one as well, but his was playing a violin instead of a flute. They REFUSE to hang correctly. But who can complain about a cute little cherub booty?

I love this heart ornament! Another ornament from my childhood. SANTA CLAUS IS WATCHING YOU!!A little blurry, but look at that adorable guy!!No, I did not set him up with the garland of beads. He did that all by himself!

We seem to be missing one! Mom, have you seen anything like this lately? I need a little SnowBoy to add to my family. Scottish Santa holding Katie's picture with Santa from school.