Sunday, December 14, 2008

135 Christmas Exhaustion!

I can't get enough sleep!
My back hurts!
My head hurts!
There is too much that needs to get done!

Well, I never feel like I get enough sleep. For some reason the kids don't allow me to sleep for 13 hours like I used to B.K. (before kiddos). They need breakfast, or life preserving medical attention, or someone to change the channel. And Connor has learned how to climb up on the sofa, so he needs constant supervision. Katie has to be shuttled off to school or entertained. Connor has become a champ at fighting sleep. He definitely has beaten back sleep on several occasions. He is popping in teeth left and right, so he just can't seem to stay content. And when I do get him to sleep, I have to hope against hope that Katie remembers that he is asleep! Otherwise I have a wild Indian running through the house. You would think I could get some stuff done around the house while he is napping, but no. If I try to do dishes the clanking of the plates and pots wakes him up. If I try to start laundry then the washing machine startles him. Vacuuming, no. The room I want to paint is the bathroom right next to his nursery, so no.
My head, mainly just hurts from thinking of all the stuff I should be doing, but can't!
My back on the otherhand. I know EXACTLY what that hurts from! Last night we went to the Horn Lake Christmas Parade. It was so SLOW and so LONG and so BORING! Did I mention it was frigid cold with a wind advisory?!?! I spent most of 3 hours holding the little munchkin. He fell asleep briefly and I was able to put him in the stroller, but as soon as the parade FINALLY got near he woke right up. I also wanted to hold on to him to provide a little extra warmth! FRIGID COLD!!
We got to our spot early and went in Fred's to kill some time. Katie found a Hannah knit hat and glove set that she had to have. It had Hannah on it! Of course she needed it! It does match the coat she usually wears, so it was a practical purchase. We also bought a pack of those cushy pencil grips (Katie says that they are helping her use her right hand more!!), random Christmas candy, a little die cast truck, and I found what I have been looking forever to find - Instant Eyebrow Shapers. They are these little pre-shaped cold wax strips that you just stick on and pull off. My caterpillars are a little less fuzzy today! Not bad for killing some time. Mainly I am just excited about getting the eyebrow shapers!!
We met my shutterbuddy Candy and her family at Lenny's. Well, half of her family, the two boys were going to be on the parade float for their church. It was at least a warm place to sit until the parade was closer, and I love me a Lenny's Club! Did I tell you it was FRIGID outside??!!
The parade was supposed to start at 7pm. So, there we were hanging out on the side of the road, anxiously awaiting our first sighting. We should have stayed in Lenny's! It was almost 8pm before the parade made it to us. Connor fell asleep waiting, but he woke up as soon as the flashing lights got near. And half of the parade consisted of all the emergency vehicles in Northwest Mississippi. Think I am kidding?? They even dragged the two jet skis and the pontoon boat past us! I know we have lakes, but really! Jet Skis?? Your tax dollars hard at work! And what would happen if there was an emergency?? It was about that time I started to wonder if this parade was being put on by Baptist Desoto Hospital because we were all going to end up with pneumonia if they didn't start moving along. A lot of the floats had run out of candy and Katie kept asking if there were more. She even had a special candy bag this time. She did get a few pieces of candy, so she was not totally disappointed. Still, we stayed to the very end. She was not leaving without waving at Santa. And, as long as I can keep that magic alive I will!!
On the way home we stopped at Katie's favorite place, McDonalds. When we got to the window to pay the cashier said that the car in front of us had gotten it!! Random Act of Kindness!! I yelled "Thank You!" It was a SUV with Shelby tags, so no one we knew. He had to run back inside for something and that is when I saw he was in uniform. When we pulled past I waved. The Christmas Spirit is alive and well. We only ordered Katie's Happy Meal, but it is totally amazing whether it was one Happy Meal or food for an entire family. It truly is the thought that counts!

We also had our most successful sleepover in quite a while. Mia slept over Friday night. Connor was in heaven watching the girls play. He does love his girls! Other than getting them to sleep ("we're thirsty", "I need my sugar checked") everything went without a hitch. The girls got along great. I did get to take a few pictures of them, very few. Katie was, of course, uncooperative! Saturday morning they wanted to blow bubbles. They did not last too long out front before they came back inside, but they were adorable in their footie pajamas!

(I started this post on Saturday ... thought I should finish it eventually :) )