Monday, December 1, 2008

125 Bedtime Stories

I just had one of those conversations that I want to keep having forever! I had finished Katie's bedtime story, and we were on to our ritual of "tickling" (scratching her back and legs and feet and such). Katie hates going to sleep, so she just likes to try to keep talking as long as possible.

Katie: (whispered) Mia has a boyfriend
Me: (really interested) What is his name?
Katie: I don't know. Maybe Jacob, maybe its Travis.
Me: Yeah, Travis does seem to like Mia
Katie: Its not Travis, maybe someone we play with at school
Me: Y'all are a little young for boyfriends, ya know
Katie: Yeah, if she has a real boyfriend then she has to dance with him, and maybe kiss him
Me: Y'all are definitely too young for kissing boys!
Katie: Yeah, she would get in SO much trouble if her Mom saw her! She would get grounded for a month, or like 4 days.
Me: Yeah, she would definitely get in trouble.
Katie: Maybe her Mom would ground her until she was old, and she wouldn't get out until she was married. Then maybe her Mom would forgive her.
Me: And she would really get in trouble if she kissed him at school.
Katie: That is against the LAW! We have rules, Keep your hands and feet to yourself!
Me: Good rule
Katie: I have a new rule. Keep your face and lips to yourself!
Me: Yeah, that is a GREAT rule!!
Me: You really need to go to sleep!

How much longer can I count on confiding talks like that?? hy do they have to grow up so fast!!??


charity said...

Well, you can count on her not telling you what you want to know. Then again, maybe you are better off not knowing.

Colleen Snell said...

Adorable! At least you're not raising a little kissing bandit!