Wednesday, December 3, 2008

127 Are you there Santa??

Katie is very indignant! One of the boys in her class keeps trying to tell the others that Santa is NOT REAL! And, he says that reindeer don't really know how to fly!! He is sticking to his story, too. The other kids have told him he is wrong, and Katie thinks it is horrible that he would say such a thing about Santa. Katie was a little more vehement in her description about how much she does not like him. Poor kid, guess he won't be finding any extra toys under the tree this year. HEY, maybe that was his parent's plan all along!? If he does not believe in Santa Claus, then Santa does not have to give him presents. Wily, ain't it. Or he has some older siblings.

I just want Katie to hold on to the magic a little bit longer. I wish I could protect her from those kids at school. The ones that want to burst the bubble of magic. It is so sad that First Graders are already starting to question Santa. I had older brothers to destroy my visions of Santa. I hope I wasn't that kid!! What if I was the annoying child that ran around telling everyone that Santa was not real. I think I still believed, at least in my heart, in First Grade. I don't remember when my brothers told me that Santa wasn't real, but I know it had to be them. I do remember laying in bed one Christmas Eve, trying to stay awake until I saw Santa fly by. I had these huge double windows, and from my bed I could see nothing but trees. I think that is what I miss the most about that house. Well, the window and my closet/hideaway. Oh, and the hardwood floors that we did not even start to uncover until we were selling the house. All of my memories of Christmas with my grandparents are tied up in that house. I remember Granddaddy staying on Christmas Eve to put together our toys after we were in bed (at least I think I do, it is one of those memories backed up in photos, so I might have made it up). When I dream of "home" at night, the house on Shawnee Lane is usually the one I see.

Here are some old Christmas pictures for y'all to enjoy. Just don't have much to say today ...
yeah, I am wearing legwarmers in the top picture ... whatcha wanna make of it??!!?? Although please, make fun of the legwarmers before you start in on my face! My face is freakishly long!! I know I am trying not to laugh, but that is downright unattractive.


Stephanie said...

We all had the legwarmers! These pictures are awesome.