Sunday, December 7, 2008

129 Christmas Doin's

We got the tree up and decorated. Well, most of the tree is decorated. The bottom two and a half feet keep being stripped bare. I find ornaments scattered all over the downstairs, and if Connor sees me hang them back up they are automatically pulled down again. But, he has not messed with the tree itself. I was afraid he would yank on a branch and the whole tree would fall on his wee punkin' head. And, for the first time in a while, Chip was with us when we decorated the tree. It was a family experience. Connor was totally into pulling all the ornaments out of the box. He even tried to hang some himself. Katie was gung-ho to decorate the tree, for about 5 minutes. Then she was content to hand us the ornaments.

About half way through decorating we had to stop to go to the Family Math Night at Katie's school. Chip stayed home with little fusspot (who was actually napping at the time) so Katie and I could go. I was surprised. It was pretty fun. Each group got a little kit of stuff. There were little plastic bears, a little spinny clock, foam dice, and plastic coins. We spent the hour learning ways to help our kids add 3 numbers, tell time on a clock with actual hands, and count change. It helped that Katie's teacher was there, too. She loves her teacher! There were not that many people there. Maybe 15 family groups. It probably worked out better that way. We wizzed right through all the little sections, and then they had a little snack. It is a healthy school, so snack was a veggie tray. Katie was in heaven. That girl LOVES her veggies.

I am trying to figure out what I want to make for our ornament this year. We have a little tradition of making ornaments each year. One year it was dough ornaments, and one year glass ornaments. I have been printing out templates for making felt ornaments. Cute felt stockings from Martha. Or these cute button ornaments from Martha, too. Really love Martha's button wreath ornament. Or I have a Sculpy Christmas kit. Or maybe I could just snip-n-sew some fabric candycanes. Or I saw some adorable patterns for birds. You know, the possibilities are endless. I do know that I have to make my Mom a denim stocking to go with all of ours. MY MOMMY IS COMING TO OUR HOUSE FOR CHRISTMAS!!! I hope she already told my brothers ... I am planning on following her back to Atlanta so that I can visit with my brothers and their families. And a friend or two :) Or maybe those cinnamon/applesauce ornaments ... I also went a little crazy printing up patterns for crocheted hats. I just think they are so darn cute! I crocheted a Santa hat a few years back, and I love it. I always see these adorable pics of babies in funky hats, or any kidlets for that matter. Besides, it gets chilly out and I want to pick up my yarn.

Saturday we went to the Southaven Christmas Parade. Sadly it took place at 7pm so all of my pictures are horrid. On a happier note, the kids had a great time. We picked up Katie's boyfriend, uh friend, Jacob and then met up with Toya, Jaclyn, and Chase. The funny thing is, taken bit by bit the night would seem like a disaster. Jacob felt like the girls were leaving him out and treating him "like a piece of dirt under their feet". They were paying too much attention to Connor. Jaclyn got bonked in the head (which I later learned was from Katie's camera). Then Jacob was hip-checking the girls out of the way to get to the candy!! I am sure he did not mean to, totally ... he just would bend over to get a piece and they were all so close that he bumped them a bit. Doesn't matter. They all ended up with plenty of candy. They got to see Santa, drawn by a John Deere of course. And, I think it must have been the real Santa because I could NOT get my flash to fire when you could see his face. I got a picture of him from far away, and then from the back. It was frigid cold, but it was worth it. The kids are ready for the Horn Lake Parade next Saturday ... Maybe I will do a little better taking pictures in the dark.

I let Katie use my old camera, here are a few shots.

Today we left the kiddos at home and escaped for lunch to celebrate Toya's birthday. Well, I thought it was just for lunch. We ended up shopping. I should have taken more of my hubby's money! We hit all the high dollar spots :) Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, and the Linens'n'Things Going out of Business Sale (which completely sucked, and the stuff was still overpriced). We did manage to squeeze in lunch at Mi Pueblo's which was totally yummy. But back to the shopping! We went to Books A Million for a moment. Toya was wanting to get a new calendar, so I was wandering the calendar aisle while they visited the facilities. On the way in I had noticed a nun walking around, maybe not a strange sight to some people but it is in Mississippi. Then I saw a calendar titled "Nuns Having Fun". And it gets better. The nun came back to the calendar aisle, and picked it up!

It was too cute. She ended up buying a calendar with puppies though. I bet it was funnier if you had actually been there. I know they think I am crazy, but I really missed my babies! I am not used to being away from them for that long. I think that is why Charity insisted on picking me up. She knew if I had my own car I would have run back home.
Oh, and did I mention that Katie talked Chip into buying the Gingerbread House Kit. Looks like we have our next project ...
AND THE MOST EXCITING NEWS! It looks like Connor will be getting his two front teeth for Christmas. They have just now broken the surface. I am inordinately proud of his adorable little teeth. I know all kids grow them, but I just think his are the cutest little boy teeth I have ever seen. I know, you are overwhelmed with excitement.

And, not to overload you in cuteness ... Connor snatched my donut. I gave him the regular, glazed one, but he was not satisfied. He had to have my chocolate donut. Can't blame him! They are YUM!