Wednesday, May 28, 2008

59 Katie's Birthday Extravaganza

What a party!! Katie had such a great time with her friends. I tried to just take pictures in short bursts so that I could enjoy the party and our friends. As usual I just forgot a few things. I never put out the chips. I did not do the pinatas until some people had already started leaving. Heck, I did not get in the shower for the party until 2:30 ... and the party started at 2!! But, there are so many things that were right. Katie had some good friends to play with and a lot of great presents to open. I am lucky enough that some of her little friends have great parents for Chip and I to talk to. All together it was a pretty terrific type of day.

this is before the waterslide was overrun.
I have no clue how kids could get hurt on this thing ...
and yes, that is meant to be sarcastic!!
Make a wish ... and this year it does not have to be for a cure for diabetes
(though that would be greatly appreciated)
Jaclyn, Erin, Michelle, Shelby, Katie, and Lucas
!!Present time!!
First swing!
waiting in line for their turn at the pinata!
Pinata number 2 is ready to bust!
The waterslide seems to have created a bit of a mud problem ...

Good Friends!
Me and Indira
(I have a 7 month old and she is almost 7 months pregnant!!)
Katie's friend Mia spent the night. In the picture above she is just at the other end of the couch. They crashed for a minute to watch tv. They did end up drawing and coloring some more, but when it was time for bed I read the story and they were out before 5 minutes were up.
Still just can't believe that my baby is SIX YEARS OLD!!!