Tuesday, May 13, 2008

51 The Kindergarten Musical - a week late :)

Katie had her Kindergarten program a week ago. They performed the Wackadoo Zoo Musical. Katie's class were pigs, that barked. Poor girl did not seem to be feeling well. She was lacking her normal animation, and her teacher even asked me if she was feeling okay. Her sugar was high, so we will chalk it up to that ... although it could have been a little stage fright. She barely sang, though she was not the only one. I was too far back to get a good shot (since I left the big lens at home - doh!), but they were all adorable. And, as usual, Katie and Jacob had to chase each other around. I made them stand still so I could get one decent picture. I could not resist using my Mother's Day present - a pen tablet - to play with this picture. How cute are these two??