Tuesday, May 13, 2008

52 And now the rest of the story...

I am so tired of the phone ringing with Unknown and Private numbers!! On the off chance that it is someone calling from the school about Katie I have to answer. Believe me, waking up to Laura Bush's voice is not at the top of my list. Could be worse, it could have been Dumbya - I mean Dubya. We get about two calls a day from Greg Davis's campaign ... man, Republicans can be insanely annoying!! I did get a Travis Childers call today, but at least it was made by a real person and not a recording. The third Greg Davis call today was a real person ... but by the third call it could have been anyone and it would have pissed me off. If I wasn't so darn lazy I would go campaign AGAINST Greg Davis tomorrow. The only thing that makes me more mad than campaign calls is the almost nightly call from the University of Mississippi. It does not matter how many times I tell them that Chip works nights, they insist on calling the next night. Oh wait, I also hate when the Fraternal Order of Police calls, they must have me down as someone not to talk to now :) I have even had police officers tell me not to contribute to them. Most of the proceeds go to paying the guy at the other end of the line. So, do you get the idea that I am not a big phone solicitation type of gal??

I did have a pretty good Mother's Day. Although it was marred by the absolute Carrie-ness that surrounds me. The hubby went to get me donuts for breakfast ... they only had 2 chocolate covered donuts left. We went to Olive Garden for lunch, waited an hour and fifteen minutes. But, on a good note. Chip bought me a pen tablet for the computer (though I did end up exchanging it for a slightly different one). Katie gave me a card she made at school, and a marigold planted in a styrofoam cup that she has decorated. And all day long Katie and her friend Mia colored pictures for me. We even had fun waiting for Olive Garden. We played tic tac toe with the rocks from the landscaping. We plain played with the rocks. Katie and Mia ran and danced when they got tired of rocks. Connor was a perfect angel for the most part. He did get a little feisty, so we took him out to hold and he was fine. That boy is perfect! And Chip took the world's worst Mother's Day picture. Connor is faceless, Katie is pouting, and I am fat. Not that it is Chip's fault I am fat ... well, maybe a little bit :)

Countdown is on for Katie's Birthday, too. We have alot to do in the next two weeks. We have two other birthday parties, friends coming in town, and Katie's Field Day at school. Guess I need to get crackin'!!