Monday, May 12, 2008

50 Connor is 7 Months old!!

My wee one is getting less "wee" by the moment. He is sitting up without support pretty well, and he is doing his best to learn to crawl. Both feats made harder by his large melon (and his chubby little tummy). He has had his first taste of popsicle, and now he is a popsicle fiend. He had his first "meat" when I baby-grinded some roast beef, potatoes and carrots. On Mother's Day he enjoyed a trip to Olive Garden where he discovered the joy that is a breadstick - at least the inside of one! Still no teeth, but he is teething like crazy. He loves his sippy cup, especially when it has ice water he can dribble over his gums. He is chowing down on something called a Mum Mum, which is a rice rusk. He is still the sweetest happiest baby boy ever.
We reached the end of testing on his eye. And the outcome is .... NOTHING! They found nothing. He had an x-ray, an ultrasound, a CT scan, and some urine test that involved hydrochloric acid (which they told us later was to look for tumors), and they found nothing. Apparently he is just meant to have pupils that dilate differently. I am still rather perturbed that we have yet to hear any of this from the opthalmologist.

Yum Yum - Connor loves his "Mum Mums"

I swear he is just drinking water.

"ME WANT POPSICLE!!!" says my Popsicle Monster.

Don't you just want to nibble on his back chubs!!

and I know this one is blurry but it is the only sitting picture I have!!