Monday, May 19, 2008

54 Busy-ness as Usual

We had a wonderful and totally exhausting weekend. Two birthday parties and friends in town. All in all, it was pretty great.

Friday night we had some friends come in town that we have not seen in FOREVER! Clay and Jenn with their boys, Preston and Brandon. And Rick and Brady dropped in for a quick visit before they headed off to the BBQ Fest in Memphis. The kids played great together. Well, Katie and Preston had a blast - Katie must have liked him, she came in and asked me if she could invite him to her birthday party (which, right now, is the highest compliment you can receive from her). Brandon is just shy of a year, so Connor had someone to "play" with. We got to sit around and catch up. It was relaxing and fun and wonderful. I just love watching our friends kids becoming friends with Katie and Connor.

I wasn't anti-Greek in college, but I had no real desire to be in a sorority. Chip was in a fraternity, and it is those friendships that have been truly lasting. Thank goodness all those "brothers" married wonderful women!! We may not maintain constant contact, but when we do get to talk or email we are able to pick right back up.

Saturday we had Shelby's birthday party.
We were able to bring Mia as well, so the girls had a complete blast. Indira and Ryan had a huge waterslide set up and the kids were in HEAVEN!
Oh, and you can't leave out that there were two pinatas(good thing too since Hannah did not even make it all the way through the line of kids)! Poor Hannah ended up with an amputation and a nose job before succumbing to the bat. The mermaid did not fair much better. The kids are getting bigger and stronger now, so the pinatas do not last as long as they used to.

I am always so relaxed when I am with their family. Indira has a way of making you feel like part of the family. I am so glad we happened to meet in the park almost 3 years ago!

Sunday we had October's Birthday Party which was at a skating rink. As usual we got there late, but we did get there just in time to sing Happy Birthday! Katie has been trying to skate ever since we found her skates in Atlanta, but she has been mainly doing it on carpet or running through the grass. She was doing SO GOOD by the time we left. She even participated in the Skating Limbo!! Katie was so cute with Lucas! They were skating around holding hands. It was absolutely adorable. Connor was held and held and held some more. He made fast friends with Ms. Bonnie like all the babies do. Good times were had ... especially by Monica. After watching her skate backwards I got the impression that the skate party might have been her idea. I could not even skate backwards when I was a kid! She did get all the kids dancing out on the rink, and she played a little chase with them. She definitely got her exercise for the day.