Wednesday, May 28, 2008

57 Build-A-Bear

Just realized that I did not put any pictures of our new friends.

First you have to get them stuffed JUST RIGHT

Give them a squeeze to make sure they are perfect.

Pick out your heart (make sure to pick the one you actually have to pay extra for, it makes Mommy happy - really) Warm it in your hands, pat it to give it a beat, rub it on your nose to make it smell good, and make a wish!

Repeat for your brother's puppy :)

Give them a good brush and a fluff!

Get them all dressed up in their new duds and HUG! This is Katie with Hannah, and her baby Hannah. I tried to get her to name the baby Miley or Lily, but she wanted two Hannahs.

And Connor with ... who else, Oliver. Amazingly he really does like his puppy. He loves to be able to chew on his ears and tail.

Katie loved her Hannah ... until we went across the street to Toys'R'Us and she picked out more darn make-up. Thank goodness I subjected myself to the torture of bringing her to the mall to do that. And it makes it really worth it that we ended up losing Connor's only pacifier while we made her Build-A-Bear ... that she loved for 15 minutes. AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!! And to think I was sad when school started because I would not have her all day ... hehe!!!!!