Wednesday, May 7, 2008


When I was going through my scans of old pictures I came across this one, and since Mother's Day is just around the corner I wanted to share it. There are so many sweet things about this picture. First glance, what a sweet little girl. Then you notice the little strap on her arm and her left hand holding her skirt - absolutely adorable. Look again, do you see the hands peeking from the bottom corner. How sweet that the photographer caught Dad just waiting to catch her if she wobbles. But, notice one more thing. She is not looking at her Daddy right then, she is looking over his shoulder. I have to guess that her Mom is standing there, smiling at her beautiful baby girl. Of course this little girl is MY Mom! The hands my Grandfather's and as always my Grandma was right there. Even now, just out of our sight they are watching over us, loving us. Grandaddy is waiting to catch us in his arms, and Grandma is smiling at us with eyes full of love. And my Mom ... still as beautiful today as she was then (don't argue with me Mom, no woman is more beautiful than your own mother). And her feet still don't touch the ground ;)
I love you Mom!
Happy Mother's Day!!


Greg said...

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Gregory E. Lang
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Nancy said...

Carrie, honey, this is so had me crying here at work. How wonderful to pull this old picture from all the stacks of pictures I know you have...and to see Granddaddy's hand and to know Grandma was behind him looking on...I truly was blessed with a wonderful Mom and Dad. I know we all still feel their love. You are a beautiful, loving daughter, sister, and mother. I hope one day that Katie will make you feel as special as I feel reading this post. Love you...Mom