Friday, September 10, 2010

387 Another One of Those Catch Up Posts

My mommy came for a visit. She took some extra days off in front of the long Labor Day weekend, and came to see her babies (me included). Most of our time consisted of sipping coffee and chatting. We were able to get down for lunch with our cousin Barbara. And of course the requisite "Grammy is in Town Shopping" trips (thank you Mommy). We also spent some time in the backyard blowing bubbles. Grammy bought Connor a Buzz Lightyear sprinkler type toy that they had a blast getting wet in. Connor also did his first poo poo in a store potty when we were out at Marshall's (VERY EXCITING) so Grammy bought him a little pool-ish type thing. There was enough to keep us outside a good bit.

Katie's BFF had her birthday party over the weekend as well. The girls spent the night on Friday at Mia's and the party was Saturday. They bobbed for apples, tie-dyed t-shirts, and did potato sack races. We lit up the birthday cake with eight birthday candles and sang Happy Birthday ... Sophie was a little too helpful and she blew out the candles before Mia got a chance. They were re-lit and the wish was made, but the look on Mia's face was priceless when Sophie blew them out first.
On Monday Katie tried to convince us to take her to the Delta Fair. We even loaded up the car and headed out. We tried the back way, and there was a half mile of cars trying to turn in. The main entrance was even worse. It was registering 100+ degrees on the car reading .... NO WAY were we going to try to survive that. I was already less than thrilled about the thought of holding a screaming Connor while Katie rode the rides. I could already hear the screaming in my head.

Instead we took the kids to the Incredible Pizza Company. It is like a Chuck E Cheese blew up ... in a good way. The kids got to play games, and there was air conditioning. Win/Win! Well, it was until Katie blew through her $20 of games and wanted more. And even when she got more she continued to pout.... as seen here
Oh, and Connor rediscovered his love for the swing! The higher, the better.