Sunday, August 29, 2010

386 The Big Bed Shuffle

Katie has complained about her mattress for a long time, and I will be the first to agree it isn't the best. More often than not I end up falling asleep while reading her bedtime story and scratching her back, so I have awoken with a sore back a few times. Or, to be more precise, a sore hip. We have been waiting for Connor to be ready to graduate from the toddler bed to a big boy bed, and the time had finally arrived.
We looked at a few places for mattresses, and we ended up checking out the Mattress Warehouse near our house. Connor just wanted to run in circles the whole time while Katie tried every $3000 mattress she could find. She seemed really surprised we were not going to buy her one. She seemed to have her heart set on a Tempurpedic bed (thanks, television commercials, appreciate you). Sure, they are insanely comfortable, but I wasn't planning on spending that kind of money on her until we looked for her first used car. While we were waiting for the salesman to complete a sale we looked over to see Connor with no shoes ... and no shorts. Little Mr. I Want To Wear Big Boy Pants To The Store was not Mr. I Will Tell You When I Need To Go. I am just thankful he wasn't testing a mattress at the time .... SO not how I want to choose a new mattress.
Katie picked out her own mattress. Nice and fluffy (and it wasn't too expensive). She was excited, and she hated waiting until we could go pick it up.... And then we got it home. I put the mattress pad on and the fitted sheet, she jumped onto it and said "IT'S NOT SOFT ANYMORE!" I don't know if you can see the forehead sized dent in her wall where I beat my head against it to get the ungrateful out. It never takes long for her to become unappreciative. She wanted me to leave the sheets off ... because that would be a great way to ruin a new mattress in record time. This iron bed was clearly made before the whole pillow top revolution. I prevailed and finished making her bed ... and it may never look this way again. Her old mattress made its way into Connor's room. When he stops wetting the bed we will upgrade him, but until then it is good to have a mattress that can't be ruined (yes, I have a rubber pad on it anyway). Anything is better than curling 5'9" into a 4' Toddler bed ... which I was doing every night to read bedtime stories, and a few nights I have slept there as well. My back is very excited about all the new big beds! Connor's crib converts to a full size, but we hadn't ordered the conversion rails yet. Luckily the rails to my grandma's bed fit perfectly, so we were back in business. Connor was very excited about his big bed.... until bed time. The first few nights were rough. He must have felt tiny in such a large bed, but he is getting better at sleeping in it. He still puts up a fight, but I think that has more to do with the sleep itself than where he is sleeping.

Sorry for all of the phone pics lately. It is easier to snap a pic with my little phone and keep enjoying the moment than to break out the big camera. I have been trying to enjoy the moment more.


gertie said...

Good to see you're back to blogging again. It's always a good read, dear.

Hopefully the little guy will get the big boy stuff figured out soon!

Kathleen said...

What beautiful rooms your kids have. Time to get you out of the kids rooms to sleep and into your own! :-)

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