Saturday, August 21, 2010

382 Sleepover

The girls had a sleepover weekend. It started with a tea party after school. You can see the fabulous spread. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carrots, celery and dry Froot Loops. Oh yeah, we are absolutely high class around here when we throw a tea party. We broke out the paints, and I raided Chip's undershirt drawer. The girls and Connor had a blast painting (and making an amazingly big mess - though it mostly stayed off the table).Katie even helped Connor with his painting ... and by "helped" I mean she almost completely took over. At first he was happy for the help, but when he realized it was more than help he started to get upset. He must do things for himself. When Mia got home she came down and joined in the painting fun. They continued to paint while I tucked Connor in ... and when I re-tucked Connor in because they kept giggling and waking him up. After I finally got them upstairs and came down this is the site that greeted me on the kitchen floor. There was a profusion of peace signs. From top left, clockwise. Katie, Mia, Kaitlyn, and ConnorAnd the next morning they started right back at it. Wolfed down some donut holes and started painting. Of course Connor had to be right in the mix. He loves his girls.