Friday, August 6, 2010

379 First Day of Third Grade

Mornings sleeping in have come to a close again. School started yesterday. I aam officially the mother of a third grader.
We rushed around on Wednesday trying to find some bermuda length shorts that would fit dress code. It was not the first time I had looked longingly at the uniform section. Ohh, the joy that is dressing your child like every other schmuck. Waking up and picking one from the bottoms pile and one from the tops and being ready to go. The ease! Anyone else in the Desoto County school system want to lobby for uniforms?
Bright and early (way too early for me) we got up and ready to head off to school. We only live about eight houses down from the walk through to the school, so I walked Katie to school for her first day. IT WAS HOT ... and worse than hot, IT WAS HUMID!! There was a huge flaming ball in the sky, but it looked so pretty shining in Katie's eyes that I forgave it. Of course when I tried to get Katie to let me take a pic she had to block her eyes and squint against the sun. Sigh ... she is not willing to suffer for my art ... how rude!

I did walk Katie to her class. I had to talk to her teacher and set up a few times for Katie to check her sugar and give her a few guidelines for taking care of Katie and her bloodsugar. We have a meeting with the county nurse to set up her new 504, but they are using her old plan until then. Turning my girl over to a new teacher is hard! We have been so lucky with our teachers so far. Each of Katie's teachers have been diligent with her diabetes. They knew exactly what to do and how to handle each situation. They were good about calling if they had a question. I am sure her new teacher will be wonderful and everything will go smoothly, but I have a hard time trusting someone else to keep my baby alive.

The day passed without a phone call and I headed up to the walk=thru at 2:20 to meet her as she walked home... And a group of kids came through, but no Katie. I asked the teachers at the bottom of the hill, and they said they had another group that goes out the back, or I could check the office. I walked to the back, no Katie. I tried to walk in to go to the office and was told "you can't go in there". EXCUSE ME! My eight year old is possibly wandering around somewhere because your incompetent asses did not make sure ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL that my daughter got in the right line?! and I can't go inside your school! So, I walked around to the front of the school (did I mention it was 102 degrees, with a heat index around 120 degrees) and just barely saw Katie being walked toward the street in front of the school to be sent across and wander around by herself in a neighborhood which is NOT hers?! She said she told the teacher she did not live that way, and they were still walking her down. I know, I only wrote our address down 15 times on paperwork. How could they possibly know which line she was supposed to be in to walk home? LIVID LIVID LIVID!!!

Add to that, one of our friends in the Madison, MS area has been reporting on Facebook that there have been three attempted kidnappings by the same man in the last few days. Hopefully he has been caught by now. But when I could not find my extremely beautiful child and knew she might be wandering around somewhere trying to find her way home, I was understandably angry. And SCARED, very scared! Each day the pervs and psychos of the world scare me more. Not for myself, but for my children.

All of that aside, Katie had a great day of school. She likes her teacher. Her teacher managed to keep her alive. One of her little friends is in her class. SHE WILL GET IN THE RIGHT LINE TO COME HOME. All is right in the world ... for now.


Kathleen said...

Love Katie's first day of school outfit - especially the scarf!

Pam said...

Wow, that's pretty scary! I hear ya though, I tried to talk to Carter's Pre K teachers last week about his history of seizures and they were all "well we have his file". Ummmmmmm, yes, but do you know what to do if he falls over seizing? Not that I can compare that to Katie's diabetes, but it does make our lives harder.

Melissa said...

I love her outfit! and her water bottle matched! Taylor would also, she is very into scarves and peace signs!!
I have had similar first days with Taylor, when we lived 3 houses down from the school. It is very scary. I'm glad everything was ok and hope it goes smoothly the rest of the year!