Sunday, August 1, 2010

378 Random Moments of the Past Week

As usual I have gotten wrapped up in life, or life has just been too mundane to blog about ... So, here are a few pics from the last week and a half to catch you up.
We had a birthday party for Katie's little friend Kaitlyn. It was at the Tunica Aquatic Center and the kids had a BLAST!! After the party, Katie spent the night with the birthday girl and Connor and I hit the park. It was gorgeous. A slight breeze and not too hot.We FINALLY put new sand in the sandbox ... my weirdo started playing and then realized how messy his hands were, this is Connor asking for a napkin ....More pancakes ... Katie has decided that she likes them bite-sized (its not annoying AT ALL)And a sleepover at Casa de Jaxon. The girls had fun doing makeovers and having a little pizza party.Another gorgeous sunsetA sneak peak of a small painting that will be going in my etsy shop soon.My Rainbow Warrior :)My first attempt at waffles in YEARS! Not the best, but I will blame the mix ;)Ironman and Mickey at Toys'R'UsLunchtime at Joe'sKatie is slowly burning through her momey. I completely encouraged her, too. The sooner her stash of money is gone the sooner I don't have to hear about it anymore!!

And now you are all caught up.