Monday, July 26, 2010

377 Peace Sign Poster

I placed a new print in my etsy shop last night. I created this painting for my daughter's friend. Her mother said she wanted one like I had made Katie for her birthday, but I couldn't manipulate the colors on that one quite to my liking for Kaitlyn's room, so I created an all new painting. I of course waited for the last possible moment because I am Queen Procrastinator.
I love how this turned out. Hopefully you will love it, too. It is listed as a 20x30, but it can be printed at any size that is of the same ratio. I can even turn them into party invitations on request. The possibilities are endless. Just want a single peace sign? Pick your color.
I was hesitant about pricing my first poster print. I am offering this first at only $30 plus shipping.


kathleen said...

Looks great Jax!