Tuesday, September 21, 2010

390 Indian Summer, TAKE IT BACK!

It is hard to believe that it is almost October! Temperatures seem to be stuck in the 90's and my love of the outdoors is stuck at Slim to None. Of course that has not stopped Connor from insisting on spending as much time as possible outside. Playing in the water, blowing bubbles, riding his bike, and (most importantly) throwing the football. One morning we stayed outside for two and a half hours after dropping Katie off at school. I was allowed to procure coffee to make it bearable ;) ... he is not such a tyrant that he would not allow me coffee. Or he is smart enough to know that I would have forced him inside without my caffeine fix. It is hard to say no to his little face (which has managed to stay pristinely white in spite of the blazing sun).Our Sunday plans started with a coupon on the back of our grocery receipt. Katie had mentioned wanting to go to IHOP and there was a "buy one, get one" coupon right there. Chip suggested we hit IHOP before the church crowd descended, and I suggested we head on to the zoo when we left, before it became too hot. Of course, we can never leave the house at a reasonable time. The church crowd was gathering when we drove by IHOP, people camped outside the door for their Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity. To head off the tears that would surely have come, we softened the blow with a Happy Meal, and drove on to the zoo.

This time we started in Primate Canyon.The last time Chip was able to come with us it had been closed. I don't even think he had seen our new gorillas yet. We got Mwelu in 2008 and this entry in the Keeper's Blog is adorable!He was very wary the whole time I had my camera out, and I don't think he was enjoying the attention.As soon as I put my camera down Mwelu ambled over to their stream to get a drink. I thought it was pretty cool. The heat also had one of our orangutauns hiding under a sheet in the shade. At first I thought they were indoors, but Chip pointed out this one. He said it looked like she was wearing a dress. I can see it :)Connor had a blast with Daddy to lift him and show him stuff. So cute!And one of our baby giraffes was practically posing as we walked up. How sweet is this baby?!Thank goodness we brought that wagon ... at least it gave Connor something to do. One of our favorite little hideaways. Not only is it fun ... IT IS AIR CONDITIONED! The polar bears weren't out, and even the sea lions were lazily swimming around in the heat, but I didn't care ... IT WAS AIR CONDITIONED! Chip tried to snap a pic of Connor and I. This little boy walked around the corner and asked if he could be in the picture. We didn't want to hurt his feelings, so we said he could. Connor didn't seem too pleased with the whole arrangement.Our little Captain :) On our way to the pandas we were delighted to see one of our elephants taking a dip. It was the first time I had seen them in their pool. It looks so very refreshing!Connor was getting tired. Too tired to pull the wagon WITH Katie inside. I couldn't help but laugh ... even though I shouldn't. We were all getting tired. We told Katie we could go through Cat Country or she could go swim in "the Nile" ... you can guess what she picked. Even I got in. The water felt wonderful. The rocky bottom not so much. We had a wonderful time, and Chip made it home for the afternoon games. Lucky for us the Saints didn't play until Monday ;) The Memphis Zoo still remains my very favorite family day escape!