Saturday, September 11, 2010

388 Ugly Ducklings Don't Always End Up Pretty

Don't worry. This is not a blog about how beauty is on the inside (although appearance can be improved or negated by our personalities). We really did go to feed some ugly ducks. And I know they have an actual name, which I just had to look up for you. They are called Muscovy Ducks. I was just happy that the Canada Geese had left. They are so very aggressive! (hey look, my Canadian friends, I actually called them by the right name) The last time we "fed the ducks" we mostly ended up feeding the geese as they squonked (that is a technical term) and hissed at us. It was not too pleasant, and Connor still talks about the "duck" that bit his finger.
The Three Musketeers were down to only two since Kaitlyn went out of town. Connor was happy to fill in ... though Katie was less than happy to let him. Its a good thing that Mia is a sweetheart to him. She is always so very patient with him. Connor ADORES his Mia.Some ducks were a little hungrier than others. I think Katie taunted this one with bread for a moment too long. It couldn't take it anymore.Mia was also more patient with the ducks.I asked them to actually pose together for a picture, and this is what they did. Silly boogers!They did this all on their own. It was so cute that I pulled the camera back out ... just as they started to move. I did ask them to sit back down for the picture. :) After they tore through a barrel of bread they headed for the playground. Connor was in heaven being able to "wee" to his heart's content. "Wee" is a Connorism for slide. Then the girls went looking for "lucky feathers" and I cringed. The only thing I could think of as "lucky" in connection to feathers was that we would be lucky if they weren't covered in germs and disease. *SHUDDER* Sorry, that whole Avian Flu thing is always in the back of my mind.A beautiful sunset, only slightly ruined by the fact I snapped it on my phone instead of the real camera.And this view made me think of the pics of palm trees and sky ... it is the MidSouth version. Just as pretty and less sand in your swimsuit.This pic just makes me laugh..... These girls just make me laugh!Connor was plumb tuckered after our adventure. He still fought sleep, but once I got him to lay still he konked out pretty soundly. It was a little hard to extricate myself from his grip. And I almost didn't want to, such a sweet little man!


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