Thursday, September 30, 2010

393 Commissioned Work

Fine... so it was commissioned by my kids. And it might have been more of a constant annoying request than a commission.
Katie zeroed in on my stacks of felt I have been playing with making ornaments. She saw the pink and purple polka dot felt and asked if I could make her a purse.... then she asked again ... and again ... and again ... and (you get the idea). She must have asked twenty times in one night. I had set up my sewing machine to mend some of Chip's shorts that ripped, so while she was at school yesterday I made her a purse. Then Connor HAD to have something for himself, and I wasn't going to make him a purse. I made him a wee little pouch to keep his dollar in (the one on the right). Then I knew that Katie would HAVE to have a wallet of her own, so I made the other one for her....Then Connor wanted a red one .... ...And when Katie got home she wanted one that was Ole Miss colors ... And eventually I ended up with all of these ...

Katie needed a matching wallet for her purse (which still needs a strap)

Connor also scored his own Ole Miss colored wallet.While I was out taking pics of the newest crafts I had to take some pics of the kids. They were running around like wild things (of course). Connor was flipping and rolling all over the yard, and it was hard to get him to stay still for any amount of time. Okay ... impossible.See!!?? INSANE!Before we zoom in to Katie's face I feel the need to warn you that she had applied RED lipgloss VERY LIBERALLY to (and around) her lips. She may not have been trying to replicate The Joker look, but it was extremely close. Luckily, most of it had worn off when I brought out the camera. And she is still gorgeous... but completely nuts.This is Connor from this morning. Right before he went out the backdoor and peed on the fence. Moms, take my advice ... never teach your kids to pee outside. Believe me, it sounds really convenient at the time, but in the long run you will regret it.


Kathleen said...

Tessa and Katie wear the same clothes!

CarrieJ said...

Our girls have good taste Kath!