Friday, June 19, 2009

256 Honeysuckle

Say "Hello" to the nice people, Honeysuckle!And in case you think this is just Spot, re-named ... Spot has a big brother, and his name is Honeysuckle. Sure, don't you think of slimy, bumpy boy frogs when you hear that name!? Apparently Katie does. Honeysuckle joined (was forced into)our family on Tuesday night. He had the misfortune of being outside the backdoor when I was checking on the re-filling of our pool. Katie was very insistent that I catch him to join "his brother". He and Spot have adjusted to each other very quickly. Not like they have much of a choice. My only problem ... I don't know who is eating the flies!! I put plenty in there during the day, and I just have to hope that they are sharing.
Nothing we say will convince Katie that this is not actually Spot's older brother. Obviously they are brothers! They both have spots. Yeah, apparently that is just THIS family of frogs. Little known fact ... only Jaxon Frogs have spots. Now ya know!


Kathleen Tennant said...

For some reason that last picture of the frogs makes me giggle! Hope you having fun catching the flies!