Tuesday, June 2, 2009

246 Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Monday we took the kiddos out to a ballgame. Although we had BBQ Nachos and a Dixie Dog (corndog) instead. And, quite honestly, it was hotter than Hades and we couldn't wait to get back. The Memphis Redbirds DID win against the Iowa something-or-others. Can you tell I am not a big baseball fan?

Originally we had made plans for Connor to stay with a friend so we could just take Katie with us, but game day rolled around and he was in "Mommy-mode" to an extreme point. Toya argued that I was in "Connor-mode" but I really wasn't the one that made the final decision to take him with us to the game. I was perfectly happy to have him there, but I would have lived through taking him to Toya's for a few hours. As long as he wasn't crying when we left ... that always kills me!!! Luckily, we had the PERFECT seats! We were about 10 rows back behind homeplate. We were in complete shade the entire time. It was fabulous, but even in the shade it was very close to sweltering. I had a frozen margarita forced upon me ... they twisted my arm I tell ya!! No really! I don't drink in front of the kids, but it was bought and brought to me. It would have been wasteful not to drink it! Any alcohol was sweated out immediately.

There was a very disappointing game of volleyball. The ball never came anywhere near us. And appaently you win the game by holding the ball. Seriously ... THAT is the game. Very sad. I was a little confused when they staged a race between a hot dog, a bottle of ketchup and a bottle of mustard. The hot dog won. And poor Rockie the Redbird came out and strutted around awhile. I am sure he was MISERABLE in that mascot costume. Although I think he was flirting with the little chickie near the dugout.

BUT ... we had a GREAT time hanging out with some friends!! And an afternoon of family fun is never a bad thing.

Well .... it apparently was a bad thing after all, Katie started feeling sick to her stomach a few hours later. Nine o'clock at night and she exploded ... from both ends. We are blaming the BBQ Nachos. Apparently not a good idea in the heat. We won't get those next time!!

She felt much better today!


margie said...

those magic words, "i don't feel so good". haven't we all heard them before. at least she held off until the end of the day, poor babe.