Tuesday, June 16, 2009

254 The Frog Prince

Daddy found this little guy outside the backdoor. He is about the size of a quarter, and I am hoping he is big enough to eat the flies I put in his tank (and for some reason our neighborhood is COATED in flies). Katie has named him Spot ... because we are real original like that. Katie and Connor both love to watch him. He doesn't do much, but he is awful cute!

Two of my online-buddies made a joke about making him a little crown .. and you know I had to do it!! Katie picked out the pink. Who knows, maybe Spot is a Queen and not a King.


BenLand said...

as much as i hate frogs.....i got to admit.....he [or she] is cute :)

nice pics!

Anonymous said...

you just made that frog's day putting that crown! Now it sparkles!

BenLand said...

hi! i nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award....come over to my blog and check it out when you get a minute....it's kind of fun :)