Wednesday, December 1, 2010

408 Caught in a Trap

All night long Katie was a pain in the rear. She was rude. She ignored most of what I said, and talked back to what she deigned to hear. She egged her brother on repeatedly when I asked her and TOLD her to stop.
Finally bedtime rolled around and I sent her off to bed alone. I told her that she would not treat me that way all night and then get tucked into bed like a princess. She crawled into bed and started sobbing ... to the point she was gagging.
I wanted to teach her a lesson, but I don't have a heart of stone. I went up to comfort her, and to explain to her that she had been hurting my feelings all night long with her behavior. That it especially hurts because I know that she would never treat her teacher or a friend's parent the way that she treats me. Don't get me wrong ... I am glad she does not act this way to others, but I don't want her to be this way with me either.
My sweet little pain in the tush clung to me like a monkey. What am I supposed to do while I am stuck playing human teddy bear? Play with the camera apps on my new phone of course. These are all from the Vignette free app.
I just couldn't resist those eyelashes!
And we did end up promising to have a better day tomorrow. To be nicer to each other. I love that little girl, but she drives me nuts like no other!
STOP LAUGHING MOM ... I know this is just payback for my childhood.


Kathleen said...

Pretty sure we have the same child! Oh...if only we were neighbours! Oh and I have cell phone camera app envy now.

CarrieJ said...

LOVE my camera apps! And I absolutely wish we were neighbors!!