Friday, December 3, 2010

410 Daddy/Daughter Dance

We weren't entirely sure that Chip would be able to get off work to take Katie to the Daddy/Daughter Dance, but luckily one of the day shift bartenders was willing to switch shifts with him for the day (thank you Nicole!).

I took Katie and Connor shopping for a dress on Thursday. It has been a good month since I have taken them shopping, and I was quickly reminded of why I hate doing it. Connor is HORRID! He refuses to stay near us. He wants to run in circles, hide behind clothing racks, or wander off to find something he wants to see. By the ime we leave a store everyone inside knows his name.... and usually his full name. It was even hard to keep him contained in the changing room. When I picked him up to hold him still he would hit me, and once he even tried to bite me. He has made Christmas a much cheaper holiday ... especially for Santa because I am pretty sure his stocking will be full of coal. (ok, so it won't be)
Katie tried on about eight dresses. ALL of them were sleeveless. I know this is the south, but it does get cold down here. And (as I later found out) all dresses had to adhere to school dress code, which requires sleeves. This silver dress was my favorite, but Katie said it looked "Lady Gaga". (please ignore the fat lady in the mirror) This ended up being our winner. I am not sure why she is throwing the peace sign... Friday was spent in search of a shrug. Connor was no better behaved on the second day of shopping. I hit Marshall's in hope of striking gold. I did find a cute little pink purse for Katie to carry her test kit inside, although it was apparently a double eyeglass case. I also found an adorable fuzzy/furry white jacket that was about waist length. Then I found a t-shirt material shrug at Kohl's. True to form, Katie wore the purple shrug AND the white jacket. But hey! She let me comb and dry her hair .... it was worth it! I also let her wear my pearls as a special treat.She was so happy that Daddy was able to take her to the dance. Connor was not happy about being left out of preparations.

They had a blast at the dance. Katie said she busted out some of the moves she learned from watching Michael Jackson videos. I am sure it was hilarious! They rounded out the daddy/daughter date with dinner at Red Lobster.

... and takeout lobster bisque and cheddar biscuits for mommy. :)