Sunday, December 26, 2010

417 Tis the Morning After Christmas

Tis the morning after Christmas.
All the presents are unwrapped.
The kids are complaining.
They want Santa BACK!
Katie's Pillow Pet was a hit,
but he brought the wrong Bendaroos.
Santa watches infomercials at The Pole?!
There's something I never knew.

Connor seemed happy with his Imaginext cars.
And he played with them for hours,
but "Christmas come to my house again?"
Is the first thing he inquires.

Mommy wants more Monster High...
WHAT?! The dolls are really cute!
Sure it was for Katie,
but Frankie Stein is fun to shoot.

More, more, more is the cry.
We get to hear it all year through.
So Santa, you have 364 days left,
I sure hope you can come through.

On Christmas Eve I thought I had finally found my holiday spirit. Their excitement was starting to rub off on me. Cookies were made and left for Santa "(Connor thought Santa would prefer Diet Sunkist - though we went with milk at the last minute).

 Chip had to work, but Katie was wishing Daddy could come home. I told her that it just wasn't going to happen, but thirty minutes later the phone rang and Daddy was on his way home. She was so cute, "My Christmas Miracle came true!" It was wonderful. We were able to spend some family time together before we tucked the kids in. We tracked Santa on NORAD, and we got them in bed just in time.


Christmas morning came pretty early after a long night. But Santa had made his rounds, so we tumbled out of bed to see what he had brought. The cookie plate was empty, and the milk glass was mostly drained. He even took Katie's "to-go" plate of cookies. Presents were unwrapped. It all seemed to be going really well. Katie was excited about her gifts ... until she started opening clothes and boots (which she decided she loved later, but she was not excited about them being gifts). When she was being so unappreciative it made me really happy that I had played a little trick on her. We got Katie a Nintendo DSi XL. I wanted it to be fully charged and ready to go in the morning, so I plugged it up and wrapped the box for her to open. The manual weighs enough to make the box seem full, so when she opened it she was pulling stuff out and looking hard. We didn't let her wonder long, but there was a moment of disappointment. Silly, but that seemed just about fair considering how I felt at her reaction to the other gifts. It will be funny in a few years when the only thing she asks for is clothes.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas ... or at least an amazing December 25th. Happy Holidays! Now its time to resolve to burn off the fat from all the holiday eating!


Linda Woods said...

You have to save this blog post because in a few years all she really will want is clothes! It's all I still want :)