Sunday, December 19, 2010

415 Twas a Week Until Christmas...

And not a present is wrapped.
Some are not bought.
The house is a mess.

Stockings are hung.
The tree is all lit.
The kids are all acting like horrible shits.

Mom is super grumpy.
Dad probably is, too.
The holiday season is stressful its true.

The season of giving is getting me down.
I tried to muster a smile,
but it turned out a frown.

Six days to go to find the Christmas Spirit.
Six days to clean the house,
or Santa won't come near it.

I want to sit and relax,
with just the tree's glow.
I want to turn Bah Humbug into Ho Ho Ho.

I hope your Christmas is going much better.
I hope it is filled
with love and with laughter.

But if it is not,
know you aren't alone.
Just one more week until Christmas is gone!


andrea said...

Glad I'm not the only dreading ah mean looking forward to Christmas:)

Linda Woods said...

Celebrating Hanukkah DOES have benefits. Be Jewish next year ;)

kathleen said...

Oh this made me laugh. So not alone my friend! Love the header photo!

shawn said...

Wow. That was REALLY good.

mikejmartin said...