Thursday, November 19, 2009


...................Yeah, I am not feeling it either.

I am in a slump. You know how I can tell? I haven't picked up my camera to just take a picture of something fun in days! DAYS I TELL YA!! If you know me, then you know this is a sure sign of BLAH! Yeah, that is a medical term.

And you know, there really isn't much to write about....

Katie has really mastered her bike FAST! Last week, training wheels. Today she called her friend Mia to come ride with her. These pictures are from Sunday, and she has improved so much! As soon as she overcame her fear of falling she was off like a shot.
Amd of course, Connor was chasing her down. Yes, he is still in pajamas ... don't judge me! And Daddy got a little bit of a jog in while he chased her around, so it worked out for everyone.

The girls had a sudden urge to make bracelets. I could not find my box of beads, but I did find a bag of buttons. I grabbed a spool of wire and cut them a few pieces, and I created a stop with a single button, and there were off. Katie and Mia each made a bracelet, but I only got a shot of Katie's. I think it turned out ADORABLE!!And it also gives me a little addition to Love Thursday! I did not even realize there was a heart shaped button on here, but I had to shrink the size of the picture, and there it was. Plain as day. I needed that little reminder that love is there. The reminder that love can be unexpected. Love can be hidden. So, let me urge you GO AND LOOK FOR IT! Love is everywhere. Even at those moments when that seems the least true I get little reminders thrown my way.

I know it is a little late (or it is right now, although I started writing this hours ago) but stop by Chookooloonks to check out more Love Thursday posts and pics. Leave some comment love and make someones day (especially mine)!

My brain is tired and I am going to stumble off to bed. My mojo will find me soon. I hope ...


Kathleen said...

Great shot of the bracelets!! Way to go Katie!!! The freedom to ride is a wonderful thing as a kid!!

Linda Woods said...

YAY KATIE!!!!! A bike is the gateway to motorcycles. Watch out!

john cave osborne said...

the week before (BARELY) surviving LSU, your boys lay a beat down on my beloved (criminal-infested) vols, thus solidifying your place on my "dreaded-SEC rival" list, and what do you do? write this incredibly sweet post, thereby making you impossible to dislike! (not that i ever did...) i don't know what it was about this, but i LOVED IT!! maybe it was b/c i can still remember vividly the day i taught Alli (my oldest, now 8) how to ride a bike. maybe it's b/c you say you're in a slump, but then follow that up with something that tells me nothing could be further from the truth... whatever it is, cjaxon, you are for real. and geat. you're great, too!

Anonymous said...

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