Sunday, November 8, 2009

313 Blame It On The Time Change!

I don't know why, but EVERYONE I have talked to is having the same problem. We are all in a pissy mood, or the ones we love are in bad moods. We are snapping over the smallest things. It has to be the time change. We feel like there isn't enough time in the day when it is pitch black by 6pm. The stress levels rise! Its not as though we felt there was enough time in the day to start with, and now it is so much worse. And the kids ... ACK!! Tempers are at the boiling point and something has got to give!! Please tell me that I am not the only one seeing this??

It hasn't helped around here that we all have strep ... AGAIN! Katie missed almost an entire week of school last week. Not to mention what the antibiotics are doing to Connor's poor tushy.

The only thing that is keeping me sane this week is escaping to the track for an hour while Connor takes his nap. No one freak out and call child services! Chip is in the house the entire time, and while he may not provide the level of care to which my kids have become accustomed he can certainly sit on his butt and be an adult(ish type person). WHAT?! I told you I was in a pissy mood!! Okay, so now that is all settled here is what I really wanted to say ... I am ENJOYING working out. I am loving being able to get out in the sun and fresh air. I can't wait for my escape from these walls! Maybe that will be the true motivating factor to me working out. MY SANITY!! Lose the FAT, Keep the SANITY! And I have been doing pretty good. I missed Tuesday (as far as I can remember, but my memory sucks so I might have been out there) and I missed today, but other than that I have been hitting the track. I was all dressed and ready to go today when Katie asked me to stay inside. I can't turn down my girl, right?? We had to do some make-up work for school anyway, but I would have really loved to ESCAPE!!! Katie did come through for me though. I had decided to do some sit-ups and push ups, but when she walked into the room asking what I was doing I thought I would get her involved. Great idea, right?! WRONG!! Now Katie is the Leg Press Nazi! Oh sure, first it started out with 20 ... and she left. But she came back three minutes later and made me do 30 ... and then she wanted me to do 40! I am going to have some strong thighs! Or I would if the poor bugger would put on some weight.
Just as an update ... I have lost 11 pounds. Okay ... FINE!! So that is mainly because I moved the scale away from the wall. I will take it though! I am already 11 pounds closer to my goal of ... yeah, I ain't telling you my goal. My goal is not a number anyway. My goal is a fit body and SANITY. And, when I reach that goal I will post before and after pics ... and I will even tell you how much I weighed.
(you can keep up with our motivation Twitter group by checking out our blog here ---> The Biggest Twatter) If you are trying to get back into working out, or if you are so incredibly in shape that you can offer advise, join us on Twitter or stop in the blog and say hello!!
In Other News: It has only taken seven and a half years, but Bart will FINALLY let Katie pet him without entirely freaking out. As you can see, he still does not enjoy it.


Linda Woods said...

Wow, you dress up in designer duds to hit the track! I am impressed!
Congrats on turning the clock back and gaining an hour of sanity. I think I'd opt for 45 minutes on the track then 15 minutes reading magazines at starbucks as a reward.

Jennifer James said...

Good job, Carrie. I can already see a big difference compared to pics a month or so ago. Congrats. You might even motivate me, lol. I was working on it all summer and doing well until that eye surgery and school starting, with the illnesses and I'm up over where I started...UGH! Keep it up!

margie said...

i can barely say it out loud but i have been hitting the gym at 7:30 a.m. leaving the house, bed made, load of laundry done, yogurt and a coffee consumed. gag.

Anonymous said...
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