Sunday, November 1, 2009

311 Halloween

The boys at Gold Strike decided to theme it up this Halloween, so they dressed as characters from Blazing Saddles. Chip was Gov. Le Petomane, and we did a bit of scrambling to get his outfit together. Chip actually found the jacket himself for $4 at the thrift store (I am pretty proud of that), but I had to come up with a way to get the GOV on the back, and the jacket had to be altered. And, of course, the boxers had to be sewn closed ;) Jeff is Gabby Johnson. I love that he made his vest out of the lining of a women's jacket he found at the thrift store. Now THAT is ingenuity!! Like Chip's sock garters?Those are some stylin' sheet clips. And the black socks just really set off those Irish white legs.
And my Punk Fairy! This outfit is so very Katie! She has a style that is all her own, and an impish personality to pull it off. And my Viking Warrior. Ready to pillage and plunder! (I know, there are more pics of Connor, but only because he was home while Katie went to Trunk-or-Treat with her girlfriends)And the actual Trick-orTreating... Kaitlyn's Dad hooks up the trailer and gets some bales of hay and we are off! Mommy gets a workout climbing in and out, and the kids get to ride between houses. Perfect arrangement ... well, except for that "dark" thing that makes it so hard to get a decent picture. Katie was excited about taking her brother to the doors, until we were there and she realized that he was slowing her down. She did take him to his first door (you can barely see his little fur spats) Miss Stacy has a bunch of dogs, and Connor would have been perfectly happy to have gone inside to play.My fairy needed to fly!! Connor caught on pretty quickly though, and he became a master of dragging his heavy bag of candy to the door. He refused to let me help him most of the time, and although he didn't say "trick or Treat!" he could certainly open up his little bag and grin! He even charmed Elvis out of a stuffed little elephant.

It was another successful Halloween night. We are overflowing with candy, and hopefully we can dole it out slowly. Connor has already had to have it taken away.

And, the girls have picked out their costumes for next year ... VAMPIRES! I think I can get into dressing up for that one :) ... now where did I put my Elvira costume???


Kathleen said...

Glad you all had such a fun Halloween!! The kids looked great!! Love Katie's outfit - awesome!! Your hubby looked great too!! What were you?