Saturday, November 14, 2009

314 Learning to Fly

Yeah ... the kids? they did stuff and things. Sadly it is all the same stuff and things that they do every single week. They are starting to get really repetitive, and I am going to have to start talking about myself soon. You really don't want that to happen. I might have to start issuing warnings at the top of the post if I talk about myself.

..... at least that is what I started to write this morning. Of course, I can never actually finish anything in one sitting. I must jump up and down and bow to the whims of the little ones. In this case it actually worked out pretty well. Katie and Daddy decided it was time to FINALLY take the training wheels off the bike. We had the broken arm setback of 2008, and Katie has seemed content to ride her scooter ... until today. She all the sudden decided that she wanted to ride her bike in the last few days. Not that I am complaining! So, Daddy aired up the tires and took off those training wheels and they headed out. Daddy held onto her shoulders as she tried to keep her balance. For him, he was very patient.
Yes Mom ... I know, get her hair out of her eyes! I've got it covered for the next try :)

And you know Katie's biggest fan was there!

Daddy was even able to let go a few times .... for a few moments.
Yeah, seee that storm drain?? See the direction that Katie is headed? Oh yeah, she did.
And she scared herself a little. She tried a few more times, but she never totally got it. We will try again tomorrow. We would have tried again today but a certain little girl said she wanted to wait (and then of course changed her mind 30 minutes later). Too bad for her Mommy is tired of being at the mercy of a 7 year old. Times they are a changin'! If she can try to ride a bike without training wheels then I can learn to stand my ground. That midget doesn't scare me!


Jess said...

Keep trying girl! :D

We are still tryin to get Hannah off the training wheels.. though our issues are she just has a bike with flat tires and now its starting to get cold so its in storage.

Im hoping that this spring we will get her out and going on her two wheeler. We are planning to get her a new bike too if she masters the smaller bike :D