Wednesday, November 4, 2009

312 It Ain't Baby Fat, Baby

A couple of weeks ago Connor turned two. It was a very sad day for me. My baby is growing up. He is becoming more independent. He is starting to tell us NO on a regular basis. He has even started making moves toward potty training. These are not the reasons that made me the most sad. That reason was this ...


That chapter of my life is probably closed. I can't point at my little man and blame him for my extra cushioning. At some point it became my fault that I had not dropped the weight when he was born. To be honest, I do blame the fact he was born in early October. I had to eat my way through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Chistmas right after he was born. Fun-size candy bars and Chex Mix sapped my will to resist. And it really wasn't so bad until I was looking through old pics that were posted on facebook... GASP! What in the heck did I do to myself??!! I used to be an athlete! Oh the shame .. almost made me grab an ice cream sandwich, but instead I decided that it is time to hit the track behind the house. I did great ... for a few days. And then ... And then the track looked like this, for almost a week. I really miss that 18 year old body, but not enough to go slogging through that huge puddle.

And then it cleared up, and Monday was GLORIOUS! I went to lunch with Katie and then Connor and I walked/jogged the track. Connor wishes I ran more, but he made it through unscathed. He even fell asleep in the stroller, so I decided to head in. How gorgeous is this? This is the branch that hangs over the path that I almost smack my head on every lap.

I could duck, or snap it off, or any multitude of things, but I just leave it there, dangling into the path. Oh well, makes it a bit easier to count laps, as long as you don't poke out an eye.

I did take a before pic, just in case I ever need it. But really, the only before pic that matters is this one ... Ahhh, high school. How I wish I had realized back then how hot I was ... I thought I was fat. And now I scoff at that idea. One day I hope to be as fat as I was in this pic!

So, feel free to ask how the workouts are going ... it may prod me in the right direction. Right now I am realizing that I definitely do not have those 18 year old knees ... OUCH!

Now to adopt a new mantra ... (an oldie but a goodie) No Pain, No Gain!

Wish me luck (I NEED IT)!

We are trying to get together a little motivational group on Twitter. If you are needing a little push, please find me on there @cjaxon . If you are trying to sell something, no thanks. We are wanting to get healthy the old fashioned way, with sweat and determination.


Kathleen said...

You can do it!!!!! I shall be your guide!! One foot in front of the other, the days you don't feel like running just walk, just take it up a notch and not saunter. 20 minutes a day, lots of water. Pick a day that will be your rest day!!!

Linda Woods said...

I'm still using the "i just had a baby" excuse. My kid is just always with his father or on a play date.

April said...

good luck! my first was born in november and i just had my third two weeks ago... so i totally know what you mean about eating your way through the holidays after having a baby... probably the hardest time of year to recover!!!