Sunday, November 15, 2009

315 Wild Goose Chase

I went searching through old pics last night, looking for one single pic of one single thing that I had no clue of when it occurred. Yeah, it was a long search. Once I started looking I couldn't give up without finding the picture, so I was stuck. An hour or so in I had looked at just about every picture I have taken in the last 7 and a half years. Most of them (99.2% to be exact) are of my kids. But, there are a few of me ... there are even a few of me as I tried to lose weight. Hell no I am not putting them on here! I was just pointing out that there have been failed attempts before. To be more precise, everytime I have gotten back into shape that even approached my pre-Katie body I have gotten pregnant.

So yeah, that would be twice.

Between Katie and Connor we had another miscarriage. I continued to eat as though I were eating for two. As you can guess, that was not a great thing for my body. It was even worse for my mind. About the time our baby would have been due I finally clued into what I was doing to my body. I made changes, tried to exercise more and eat a little better. I was right there, almost back to that pre-Katie weight when I found out I was pregnant with Connor. Best thing ever for my heart and mind, but my body took a beating. Although, if I do say so myself, I was an adorable prego with Connor (I look like crap carrying a girl though). Then whamo! Connor was here, almost six weeks early. It took 2weeks of back and forth to the hospital to get him strong enough to come home. And then, as I mentioned before, it was the holiday eating season. Add to that, I was no longer working, so no longer walking and walking and walking. Oh the fat spiral just widens and widens!

So ... after that ramble here is what I wanted to share. Update on working out. I have been running almost everyday, and each day it is getting a bit easier. I know this falls under the category of Too Much Information (TMI) for a lot of people, but I can feel the changes as my body starts to firm and tone. I catch myself rubbing my hand over my tush or my thigh muscle where it starts above my knee. Oh, don't get me wrong ... it doesn't LOOK that good, but it is getting there. I have a LONG way to go to get anywhere near the body I want. Strangely enough, one of the biggest changes has been through my torso. The back fat (yeah, there was some) was the first to go. And thank goodness because that is really what pushed me over the edge! BACK FAT! Oh the horror!! I can put up with A LOT, but when I reached back to scratch my back and got a handful (don't throw up now people) it was done! Sadly, we have reached the point where the fat is turning to muscle. I say sadly because that means there is no actual weight loss, muscle weighing more than fat and all.

Just for posterity I am going to try to do weekly updates here. I will put my workout chart at the bottom, just for the giggles. And yeah, I have no clue how many laps on my track make a mile. It is bigger than a high school track, but I am not sure by how much (and totally off the subject, I miss my high school track with its squishy goodness!). I will set my pedometer up and walk out a mile, and then I will be able to keep better track of it.
Monday ---hour run/walk
Tuesday ---Hubby was golfing, no run for me
Wednesday --- 45 minutes on the track
Thursday --- 30 minutes, hard to run with hubby and kid meeting you on every lap
Friday --- 1 hour doin' the walk/jog
Saturday ---40 minutes on the track
Sunday ---Started breaking in the "new" Bowflex!

... and yes, I did find that picture I was looking for. March 2007, looked in that folder twice :)

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Melissa said...

Congrats!! I love your will-power! and I am so with you on this!! I have never made it back to my "pre-Taylor" weight! Everytime I got motivated and close, I got pregnant!! Now with tubes tied there is nothing to stand in my way!!

margie said...

i am also on a path to a better body. not necessarily better looking, although that would be a bonus, but feeling better and stronger for sure. damn exercise works.