Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I decided to teach Katie a new craft today ... potato stamping. So, the table had to be cleared, spuds had to be cut, and paint had to be EVERYWHERE! That girl can get messier in 5 minutes than you could believe. And she tries so hard to stay clean, for about 2 minutes and then she just starts to have a good time. I should just be thankful that she loves doing crafty stuff as much as her Mommy. If I could just keep her out of "my room" and all my supplies I would be a lot happier.
Her homework today was to count backwards from 10. This was not going all that well until I pulled up some videos on YouTube of shuttle launches. What is more fun than counting down to lift off?!?! Apparently counting down to tickles, but that is probably just Katie.

Connor is "talking" up a storm. And he has just the sweetest smile, and he loves kisses! Well, when he is not screaming at the top of his lungs. He has entered the "fight sleep" phase. I was hoping we could hold off on that a little longer, but that is obviously one of those developmental things that preemies aren't behind on. And he is TEETHING .. and I swear I can already feel the little bugger trying to pop through.