Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chunkier Monkey!!

We finally took Connor in to the pediatrician for his follow-up on the RSV last Friday. We were running behind so I had to leave Chip and Connor so that I could drive across town to pick up Katie, barely made it. Totally forgot to ask how much Connor weighed in at until a few days later ... 15 POUNDS!! Now, this was before his diaper change, and by all accounts it was quite full. BUT STILL!! 15 POUNDS!! He is such a cute little chunker though :) Today we had his follow-up at the urologist. Everything looks great, still mildly enlarged but the doc seems to think it is nothing to worry about.
Katie was so excited when I picked her up from school on Friday. She had gotten her first party invitation from a school buddy. Oh, you would have thought she had been invited to the royal ball. Little girls really are just the sweetest things!! Its not enough that they hug each other goodbye, but they just are so nice to each other. I am sure they have their disagreements during the day, but by the time I pick her up they are all friends again. Oh, and it was also the 100th day of school!! Katie's sugar was low so we got a little cake to celebrate ... hey, there wasn't really much in the house with sugar ... we had to go to the store :)

Saturday night I decided that Katie needed her hair cut. They are just so many times that I can listen to her cry at each stroke of the comb. And the "layers" that she got from the "professional" stopped looking good about three days after the fact. So, I gave her the shortie special. It is not as bad as it sounds, and on Katie it is the most adorable haircut ever.
Sunday ... oh what a day!! We had to make the trip to Target for the present, then to the party. And of course all this was done with Connor in tow. FREEZING COLD! We were the first to arrive at the party. And Katie was the only one from their class. I felt so bad for Seyerra. True her mom forgot to give her the invitations at the beginning of the day, but I am sure a few people got them. Birthdays are just such big deals at that age. And as excited as Katie was about going to a party ... I would not have wanted to disappoint either of them. Katie had a blast! She picked out all the things she would have wanted herself, the true sign of a good gift. She got Seyerra a purse, a makeup kit, and a huge lollipop. Although I think Katie really hated parting with that makeup kit. The girls ran around, did makeup, ate cake, and even braved the cold to jump on the trampoline.

And, of course, Katie threw a fit when it was time to go home. We had to promise to have a sleepover soon for the girls. Our house first, until Seyerra's parents can learn to check blood sugar.
Monday we had a wonderful trip to Walmart. About halfway through there came an announcement that there was a lost little girl about 5 years old, wearing a red shirt and jeans, with blonde hair. And here I am walking around with a 5 year old girl in a red shirt with blonde hair ... luckily I let her have her way and wear her purple skirt. That did not stop the sideways glances and the double takes. One woman I even felt the need to reassure that she was mine. And, like all shopping trips to Walmart, Katie cleaned up! She got two little crafting kits. One to make suncatchers and another to make bracelets. She got a new long sleeve leotard and v-front pants. And her favorite purchase, a Hannah Montana t-shirt. After all that, her patience was wearing thin and we only made it through half of the grocery section. Okay, so MY patience was wearing more than thin, too. Shopping with two is definitely an event.